Should you sue the reporter or let him go to Crisis Core?


    face decisions. Ultimately these are up to you, but we like to consider them from Zack’s perspective. One decision you will have to make is whether to let the undercover reporter go to Midgar or report him. This can make you wonder if you should report the reporter or let the reporter go in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

    We recommend let the reporter go instead of reporting it. This decision doesn’t have much of an impact on Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core’s story, but it can provide a small advantage if you don’t report the reporter. It’s also a nice gesture, one that Zack would probably do himself.

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    What happens if you report the reporter or let him go on Crisis Core?

    There are two reporter related outcomes in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. If you report it, you will never see the reporter again. However, if you don’t report him, he will show his appreciation by offering to send you free mail. This is mostly secret information that Shinra wouldn’t otherwise want the public to know about.

    Ultimately, not much more than information and knowledge is lost in briefing the reporter. If you want to learn more about the world of Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, we recommend leaving it alone. Or if you’d rather have less mail, just report it and be on your way.

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