Should you force Astarion to drink Araj Oblodra’s blood in BG3?


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    By the time you reach Act Two of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ve probably heard all about Moonrise Towers and how seemingly awful of a place it seems to be. However, I can tell you that it’s not nearly as bad as it seems, at least not for you. Astarion, on the other hand, may not be so fond of the place, because a significant boost of power for you is on offer at his expense. A Drow by the name of Araj Oblodra wants his blood, but should you make Astarion take a bite? Here’s everything you need to know.

    Should you make Astarion bite Araj Obodra in BG3?

    Personally, I dislike forcing my companions to go against their will. After all, there is a delicate dance to be had when it comes to weaving through their varied personalities. However, in the case of Astarion, I had to make an exception. You absolutely should force Astarion to bite Araj Obodra at Moonrise Towers.

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    The reason is the reward she offers you. When I first heard her mention it in passing, I didn’t think much of it. A potion that boosts your Strength stat is cool, but not worth harming your reputation with Astarion. Besides, Astarion himself strongly disagrees with the notion, so why force the vampire spawn to act against his will? However, on a whim, after a save, and out of curiosity, I kindly convince Astarion to act for the benefit of the party and bite the crazed Drow woman.

    Turns out, the Potion of Strength she gives you for the blood-draining bite is no mere Potion of Strength at all. This potion permanently increases the Strength stat of any character that drinks it by two. For those of you who are not aware, such a stat increase, with no needed investment or additional sacrifices, is utterly insane. What’s even better is that it ignores the soft stat cap of 20, and allows you to reach 22 Strength with all the benefits that come with increasing the stat. Needlessly to say, I did not reload my previous save upon learning this, and neither should you.

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    How to make Araj Obodra offer the Strength Potion in BG3

    When you first meet Araj Obodra you may find that she offers some wares, but doesn’t mention Asterion in any way. She will offer you a different deal though: For a bit of your blood, she will give you an elixir made from it. I’m not certain if it is different based on the race that accepts this deal, but it is a solid elixir nevertheless. You must accept this deal. In doing so, she will thank you, then ask about meeting Asterion, in a bit of a round-a-bout way. If you don’t have Asterion in your party, you can return to Camp and bring him along.

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    There are three factors in making sure this all happens correctly:

    • Asterion must be alive – He can’t bite anyone if he is dead, so this is a given.
    • Must be before any major events at Moonrise Towers occur – Certain events may change things at the tower, so honor the deal prior to getting knee-deep.
    • Keep Araj Obodra’s secret – Telling the Absolute about Araj Obodra’s reasoning for her need for blood will likely cause her to be killed. As a Drow in my playthrough, I was easily able to get her secret out of her and had the option to spill the beans. I didn’t and was handsomely rewarded.

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