Should I choose Krubis or Douglas first as a reward in High on Life?


    When you start High on Life, you’ll immediately want to go through all the rewards you can get your hands on. Of these, Krubis and Douglas are among the first you can complete. Krubis is a drug addicted psychopath whose main drug of choice is furgles, small creatures that resemble hedgehogs. Defeating him will give you the Gatlian Gus weapon. On the other hand, Douglas is a sadistic squid who, when you defeat him, will give you access to Gatlian’s Sweezy pistol. Of course, both are great options, as you get great rewards, as well as an achievement for each bounty you complete. But who could you choose first as your reward, Krubis or Douglas?

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    Who should I choose first Krubis or Douglas as my reward?

    It might not seem so obvious at first, but you’ll want to go with Douglas first. This is mainly due to the weapon, Sweezy. If you do it backwards, you will miss the shooting for your job achievement as you are required to have Sweezy.

    This achievement is only available during the Krubis bounty. You will be asked to speak to a Moplet receptionist named Helen. If you have Sweezy equipped, you can choose the dialogue option I’m the new boss. You won’t get this option unless you have Sweezy. At this point, you will be able to command the Moplets using different dialogue options until the achievement appears.

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