Shining Silver Codes Project (December 2022)


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    Project Shining Silver takes you to the world of Pokémon! This Roblox experience lets you play as a young Pokemon trainer coming of age. Choose your first Pokémon and take it with you on the adventure. You can also level up and find many more. Catch them with your Pokéball and get more Pokéballs to catch advanced Pokémon in this exciting Roblox experience.

    The codes for Project Shining Silver will reward the player with in-game currency called Pokédollars, new Pokémon, Pokéballs, and many other goodies. These codes will be especially useful for new players and will help them get into the game faster. If you are looking for more interesting Roblox experiences, check out Roblox Project Polaro codes.

    List of all Project Shining Silver codes

    Shining Silver Codes project (in operation)

    • starter pack—Trade it for 20 Poké Balls, 15 Potions, 10 Paralyze Heals, 5 Super Potions, 5 Burn Heals, 5 Ice Heals, 5 Awakenings (New)
    • DarkModeGoCrazy—Redeem for Tier 25: Shiny Litwick
    • twasthe1st—Redeem for Tier 40: Shiny Delibird
    • twasthe2nd—Redeem for 25,000 Pokédollars
    • twasthe3rd—Redeem for Level 50: Shiny Alolan Ninetales
    • TwasThe4th—Redeem for Tier 25: Shiny Comfey
    • TwasThe5th—Redeem for 1 Bottle Cap
    • TwasThe6th—Redeem for Level 30: Shiny Sawsbuck
    • twasthe7th—Redeem for 10 Frosty Balls
    • twasthe8th—Redeem for Tier 40: Shiny Jynx
    • twasthe9th—Redeem for 30,000 Pokédollars
    • twasthe10th—Redeem for Tier 40: Shiny Stage 3 Starter [Generation 1]
    • twasthe11th—Redeem for Tier 10: Brilliant Vanillite
    • twasthe12th—Redeem for Level 50: Shiny Alolan Sandslash
    • twasthe13th—Redeem for Level 35: Brilliant Cryogonal
    • twasthe14th—Redeem for 1 HP, Attack, Defense, SpA, SpD, and Speed ​​Reset
    • it was the 15th—Redeem for Level 60: Shiny Weavile
    • it was the 16th—Redeem for Tier 40: Shiny Glaceon
    • twasthe17th—Redeem for 75,000 Pokédollars
    • twasthe18th—Redeem for Tier 70: Shiny Glalie
    • it was the 19th—Redeem for Level 50: Shiny Froslass
    • TwasThe20th—Redeem for 20 rare candies
    • TwasEl21—Redeem for Tier 45: Shiny Clawitzer
    • it was the 22nd—Redeem for 6 PBSpin stamps

    Shining Silver Codes Project (Expired)

    • HereComesTheMoney—Redeem for 50,000 Pokédollars
    • turkey dinner—Redeem for Tier 20: Shiny Mandibuzz
    • Happy Thanksgiving Day—Redeem for 2 Master Balls
    • i love to eat food—Redeem for Tier 30: Shiny Stage 2 Starter [Generation 1]

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    How to redeem codes in Project Shining Silver?

    Redeem codes for Brilliant Silver Project It’s easy, for more information, follow the instructions below:

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    1. Launch Project Shining Silver on Roblox.
    2. After going through the short introduction to the game, click on the menu card on the left side of the screen.
    3. Click on the Options button on the bottom of the slider menu.
    4. Enter the code in the field at the bottom of the popup menu.
    5. Click anywhere on the screen.
    6. The game will ask you to save your progress before processing the code; click on Yes.

    How to get more Project Shining silver codes?

    You can get more codes for Project Shining Silver if you join their Project Shining Silver Discord Channel. There is a Codes section where developers post their latest code updates. You can also bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl+Das we always strive to update our pages with the newest codes as soon as they are released.

    Why aren’t my Project Shining Silver codes working?

    There could be a couple of reasons why your Project Shining Silver codes are not working. If you entered the codes manually, make sure you didn’t accidentally make a typo or missing punctuation marks. Sometimes codes for Roblox are case sensitive. Copying the codes from the code list and entering them directly into the game is the best way to ensure that your codes are entered correctly. Codes sometimes have a limited lifespan and don’t last forever. The developers may have posted the codes for a particular holiday or event. These codes usually have an expiration date. Always make sure to redeem your codes as soon as possible and never miss out on any of the free gifts!

    How to get your first Pokémon in Project Shining Silver?

    To get your first Pokemon in Project Shining Silver, you need to get to the Pokemon Professor in the lab. After completing the little introductory introduction, where your character wakes up in bed, you need to fill out your Trainer Card. Leave the house and your friend Jake will meet you outside. After talking to him, visit your parents. They can be found at the end of the tunnel. You will see a blue tarp over the tunnel entrance, right in front of the house you came from. Head there to pay them a visit. Once you are done, head to the area located to the left of your house. Enter the Laboratory and find the Pokémon Professor to get your first Pokémon.

    What is the Brilliant Silver Project?

    Project Shining Silver is an unaffiliated Pokémon game and successor to Pokémon Brick Bronze. This Roblox experience allows players to start out as budding young Pokémon trainers. They can find and capture new Pokémon and train their own to level up and unlock new abilities to make them more powerful in battle. The game features in-game currency that can be used to purchase in-game items and treats, such as Pokéballs that are used to capture wild Pokémon.

    If you’re looking for codes for other Roblox experiences, we’ve got plenty of them on our game codes to post! You can always get plenty of goodies through our Roblox Promo Codes page.


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