SEGA Cans Creative Assembly’s HYENAS After Closed Beta


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    If you were pumped for Creative Assembly’s HYENAS release in 2023, you weren’t alone. The Alien: Isolation team was working on a co-op multiplayer for SEGA. However, after apparently repurposing it as a free-to-play title and admitting that it’s in flux, the gaming giant has pulled the plug.

    SEGA canceled HYENAS after the closed beta.

    Despite going after its closed beta — and boasting some positive reviews — Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki shares the news that HYENAS is not.

    The translation reads, “Due to declining profitability in the European region, we will review the title portfolio developed at each European site and discontinue ‘HYENAS’ and some unannounced titles in development.

    It was backed by VGCAndy Robinson, who said that when he heard the development was “Chaos“He was surprised to find that the HYENAS were no more. Although things were moving forward, there were all the signs that the HYENAS might be headed for the elephant graveyard.

    The news was later confirmed by the HYENAS team, who posted a heartfelt message to fans and apologized for the situation. The big picture doesn’t look good for Creative Commons, which shared its reaction and confirmed that potential redundancies are being looked into. Still, he said he remains committed to his plans.


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    In August 2023, Eurogamer The troubled development of HYENAS arrives amid rumors that it will be rebranded as a live service game. SEGA stopped short of confirming the news but explained “Adjustment“Was happening.

    We’ve dedicated the past year to months of highly valuable player testing of gameplay experience, as well as evaluating our business model.” said a SEGA spokesperson.

    We’re very excited about this development and the response to yesterday’s gameplay. We will build on this foundation with our closed beta test starting August 31st and use this insight to finalize our plans for the launch.

    If you picked up any HYENAS stuff, hold on to it as it could be worth a fortune in the future. Looks like Sonic the Hedgehog is getting the last laugh here.


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