Sea of Stars launches in summer 2023


    Sea of Stars is going to be launched for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC through Steam in summer 2023, announced the developer.

    The studio released a new video starring Yasunori Mitsuda sharing a lot of thoughts on the Sea of Stars and its production. The first of his tracks was Coral Cascades, and the first one of his works is titled “Another Year of the Earth” on the back.

    This video is published in Sabotage: English.


    The studio behind the award-winning The Messenger, was created by Sabotage. It’s an attempt to develop the story into a talisman, but also explores the original.

    Combat challenges players to adapt and thwart enemies with pre-emptive attacks, and rewards carefully timed strikes and interrupted advances. This experiment is a crucial tool for uncovering powerful new matches. While character progression is balanced by the story, there is no need to grind to unlock a true potential. The Sea of Stars journey prioritizes meaningful meetings over dozens of fights.

    The Sea of Stars compelling world unites the world’s players with Valere and Zale, aspiring youths training to become a team of Solstice warriors, the landsfinal line of defense against the Fleshmancers monstrous creations. Their mission is nothing but simple, making for an engrossing, but wondrous tale with a world over which they will live, the looming apocalyptic threat!

    Key Features

    • You must take advantage of the power of the enemy. You must take action against it and defeat it.
    • Exploration Explore, dive, swim, and leap over a lush world with history and hidden secrets, enjoyed as a journey between battles as well as action itself.
    • A story with a complicated universe will take place as the mystery of the complicated world begins to darken.
    • Ignite obscene. Tedium makes all the fun possible while you fight in the end without any fear of hitting a wall and having to grind for experience or things; in Sea of Stars, defeat requires any change in battle plans, instead of hours of repetition to increase the odds in the rematch.
    • Rich Universe A vast, vibrant land, the Sea of Stars presenting region is useful as a standalone or additional adventure for the fans of The Messenger.
    • Radiant lighting Dynamic light effects pair with a day / night cycle to keep every area feeling full of life, pushing the traditional visual limits of the pixel-art games a style that traditionally explains the enigmatic story of heroes conjuring the Moon and Sun power.

    Watch this new video below.

    A word from Yasunori Mitsuda.


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