Scar’s costume design changed in the latest Wuthering Waves update and here’s why


    Late on May 26, there was a sudden update to Wuthering Waves that players found out about thanks to a banner passing across the top of their screens. In that update, the developers at KURO GAMES decided to reject Scar’s original costume design, and many players know why.

    I played the first introduction to Scar that same day, May 26, 2024, and I still had his monkey skin. This was a pretty stylish design that reminded me of the old Gundam suits from many of the popular Gundam anime and manga series.

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    However, it was quickly learned that players in China did not like the outfit due to the design on Scar’s pelvic area. This thick black stripe caused many CN players to create memes about the design, saying that it looked like an “onigiri” (“rice ball” in Japanese).

    There were definitely other ways the developers could have adjusted this design because the suit fit Scar quite well. Players on various Reddit forums, including ThisThey have been discussing the change for hours.

    Personally, I would have ditched the chaps (and kept the buckles) to make it look even more like a Gundam suit or flight suit. It suited him, and the black line could have been extended upwards so it wasn’t so… Obviously placed. Scar would have fit in much better with his partner with these changes.

    The new design of Scar’s pants is very simple. It seems like an urgent job without much thought. The character designers at KURO GAMES should have been more proud of their design and paid attention to the positive attention Scar was receiving instead of the negative attention. Memes aren’t always something related to bags and many players liked Scar’s design.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    There is even a subset of players who liked the idea that Scar could have been trans due to his model’s original design, and a petition Restoration of its original design began.

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