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    In a game about fighting enemies that can kill you with just a few blows, evasion becomes a high priority and is the single best way to reduce damage taken. With that said, the Fitness Trait offers to improve your evasive capacity, and its value depends entirely on the build you’ve decided to go with. Still, if you’re looking to augment your trusty combat roll, then look no further. Here’s everything you need need to know about the Fitness Trait in Remnant 2.

    How does the Fitness Trait work in Remnant 2?

    When you put trait points into Fitness, you are increasing your combat roll distance, up to a maximum of 30%. To put this into perspective, when you combat roll with this trait maxed, you’ll be moving about 30% more than half your default roll distance. This is rather significant and very noticeable in practice, but I personally question the value of such a trait. I know this sounds really good on paper, and may even look good too in practice, but hear me out.

    For 10 trait points, mind you, points that are very valuable due to the number of traits in the game, you gain access to less than one-half of a half roll. When put that way, it doesn’t sound that enticing anymore, does it? To add some salt to the wound, Fitness does not increase the invulnerability time of your combat roll. That belongs to the Invader Archetype trait, Untouchable, which has far more value, in my opinion.

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    Is Fitness worth it in Remnant 2?

    In my opinion, it isn’t worth using. Don’t get me wrong, Fitness is not a bad trait by any means, but because it costs so many points, I do not think it is worth putting a single point into. The distance of your roll very rarely makes a difference in whether or not you avoid an attack or not in Remnant 2. Most attacks from the hardest bosses are massive, and the distance in which you roll will not save you most of the time. In some cases, like against The Red Prince boss encounter, I found Fitness to be a total detriment, like during his second phase due to all of the fire everywhere. It is for all these reasons that I recommend not taking Fitness for your builds.

    The cost of investment is just way too high for what you receive in return. Yes, you will notice the improved distance as it is rather apparent, but in terms of what you’re facing in Remnant 2 on a daily basis, I personally don’t think the distance matters at all really. There are much better traits to throw 10 points into for a bigger bang for your buck.

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