Remnant 2 Charge Control Key: Where to find it, how to use it



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    Remnant 2 is full of puzzles and secrets that can be very rewarding if you solve them. At the beginning of the game, I noticed a locked chest when I first spoke to Ford in his office. Strangely, it was locked with a four digit code that I had trouble finding the combination for. But once I opened it, another puzzle appeared, a cargo control key, and no door to open it. If you have found this key in Remnant 2 and don’t know what secrets it unlocks, this guide will help you!

    How to find the Remnant 2 Charge Control Key

    To find the Cargo Control Key in Remnant 2, you must first open Ford’s chest in his office using a four-digit combination. This part confused me, but I had a feeling the solution was right in front of me, and I was right. Ford had already given me the code, which was stamped on the bottom of the flashlight. The chest code is 0415.

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    You can inspect the lantern yourself by following these steps:

    • Open the In the game menu.
    • Select Inventory from the top tab.
    • Select the flashlight and press To inspect button.
    • Spin the flashlight until you see the number 0415 scratched at the bottom of it.

    Where to use the charge control key in Remnant 2

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    You can use the cargo control key in Remnant 2 to unlock the cargo room at the other end of the map in the world Ward 13. Using the image above for reference, go to the shipyard and go through the metal doors. Enter a narrow corridor, and you should see a locked door at the end. Pressing the Use key will prompt you to use an item. Select the load control key to unlock the door. As a reward, you will find the MP60-R Submachine Gun, which you can equip as a Handgun due to its small size.

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    The MP60-R SMG isn’t very powerful, but it makes up for it with a large ammo pool and rate of fire. It is especially useful against enemies that can deplete your ammo reserves quickly, like the Bloat King. It has the following stats:

    • Damage:9
    • RPS: 14.2
    • Magazine:42

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