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    We are slowly getting closer. EA Sports FC 24 Release date, as more and more information about the game slowly comes out. Not only do we now know who will be on the cover of the game, and how many editions there will be, but we also have a solid release date.

    This will be the first time we will see EA Sports’ prestigious football game. EA Sports FC 24After this is done FIFA Since it was first released in the 90s. Now, after their break with the football federation FIFA, the game will now have a unique gameplay but hopefully the authentic footballing experience we have come to expect.

    So let’s dive into when we can finally hit the ground running again, as well as everything we know so far. the game.

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    What is the release date of EA Sports FC 24?

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    EA Sports FC 24finally has a release date and is coming. September 29. However, as we’ve come to expect from the series, there will be one Early Access Period For those who have purchased the Ultimate Edition, as well as a trial through EA Play for members of the subscription service.

    The Early Access period that comes with the Ultimate Edition means you can play EAFC 24 From September 22.

    EA Sports FC 24 gameplay

    Key art of a black flag with a white EA Sports FC logo.

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    While the name may have changed, EA Sports F.C Still going to be one FIFA The game and thus the gameplay will be largely the same. There may be some new mechanics and buzzwords like hypermotion, but in the end it’s still a soccer simulation with an arcade-esque tang.

    Born out of the abandonment of what we can see FIFA The names however are new game modes, or overhauls of previous series stalwarts. We don’t know the inner workings of the deal between EA and FIFA of course, but the nature of EA taking full control of the game has added some interesting new mechanics.

    Although it may not seem like much, Confirming Pepsi’s partnership with EA Sports F.C May indicate that sponsors are returning to career mode.. This might seem like a minor thing, but could indicate a major change to the mood and the game as a whole.

    We’re likely to hear more about this in July though when more is revealed, so we’ll be sure to update you whenever new information drops.

    What will the Ultimate Team look like in EA Sports FC 24?

    Screenshot of FIFA Mobile Marketplace

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    FIFA Mobile Marketplace

    Ultimate Team, however, may be the game mode that sees the largest amount of changes. Firstly we will no longer see the use of the ‘FUT’ abbreviation – but we hope it will not be replaced by the tongue-twisting EASFCUT.

    The main changes that have been circulating so far outside of this come in the form of the market and the other rumored addition of women to the Ultimate Team, which has now been revealed in a recent trailer. Depending on the market, It seems that there are suggestions that EA will move it to more. FIFA Mobile MarketWhere EA largely sets the price of each card and It works on purchase orders rather than bids..

    This, if true, could see huge losses for trading and put a lot of emphasis on unpacking – Newly introduced ‘Dynamic Pack Weight’ which increases your odds the more you open..

    on the other hand, Introduction of women’s clubs and players in Ultimate Team The game mode is very exciting, and many players have wanted it for some time. Having an entire section of the database completely unused in EA’s most popular game mode is pretty silly, so it’s great that it’s about to be fixed.

    Also, it looks like mixed teams will be possible which is great, allowing you to include both Ballon d’Or winners in your weekend league squad.

    EA Sports FC 24 Leak

    Zinedine Zidane at EA Sports FC 24

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    Apart from the highlights we’ve discussed so far, there are a few more leaks to tease from the notable insider FUTZone. Here is a list. EA Sports F.C Leaks we’ve seen so far:

    We’ll make sure to keep you updated when a new leak becomes available, so be sure to check back here on a regular basis.

    EA Sports FC 24 Trailers

    We have only seen. A trailer of the EAFC 24 So far. It was what we’ve come to expect from this type of trailer, highlighting the players we can expect to use and offering glimpses into the gameplay. The biggest change we can see is that women are finally being included in the game, and they are lining up alongside male players.

    The trailer also offers a look at some of the game’s icons, confirming that both Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham will be back this time around.

    EA Sports FC 24 Platform

    EA Sports FC logo key art with Xbox theme

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    With the official reveal of EA Sports FC we have received confirmation of a number of different platforms as ‘partners’ for the game. These are as follows.

    • PlayStation
    • Xbox
    • Nintendo

    While we currently have no information regarding a PC release, nor do we know if the game will still be released on previous-gen consoles, it’s safe to assume that all platforms that FIFA 23 But at least it will remain the same.

    Hopefully consoles like the Switch will eventually get an updated version of the game – or at least one compatible with previous-gen consoles – and we also hope to see more cross-play integration on pro clubs and FUT like the transfer market. Methods will be included.

    So, that’s all we know for now. EA Sports F.Clets you visit the release window, gameplay, platforms, and more.

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