Redeeming the Chronicle of Infinity Codes (May 2024)

    has been updated. May 21, 2024 – Checked for new codes.

    If you want to stay in the loop with all the latest. Chronicle of Infinity Codes, then you are in the best possible place. This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of active redeem codes for the game, so you don’t have to search social media for hours to find them.

    Active Chronicle of Infinity Codes

    These are all the active codes for Chronicle of Infinity at the moment. Make sure you redeem them before their expiration date, so you don’t miss out on any rewards they offer!

    • EpRqLqVyu (Valid till July 22)
    • MJNQH33JA (Valid till August 25)
    • 6TsV2Bpzd (Valid till July 29)
    • FcVu2EEPX (Valid till July 9)
    • New Year 24
    • COI2022
    • COI888
    • bluestacks999

    Expiring codes

    • ZsMmtykZv (Valid as of May 8)
    • ZsMx5MAY5 (Valid till April 20)
    • ANN2verSary (Valid till April 19)
    • wH2dzJANN (Valid till April 19)
    • 3aVVaFANN (Valid till April 19)
    • U4zVquANN (Valid till April 19)
    • GqA5XQANN (Valid till April 19)
    • ZsF6fMaUn (Valid till 13 April 2024)
    • ZShL6vbht (Valid till 8 May 2024)
    • Winnie 2024 (Valid till March 29)
    • CW3YbSyLE (Valid up to 07 March 2024)
    • xjpRHrDdm (Valid till 10 February 2024)
    • yQqag6EsB (Valid till 10 February 2024)
    • 23 Merry Christmas (Expires 6 February 2024)
    • A6xx5ceF2 (Expires 6 February 2024)
    • AkktCZfzs (Valid till 31st December)
    • u26n6HEVe (Valid till December 30)
    • 8YhgEP7ZS (Valid till December 13)
    • EPNOrrwZs (Valid till November 8)
    • me3SrHW23 (Valid till November 2)
    • RgWDZBbZS (Valid till October 17)
    • Ndu4xCEDT (Valid till September 30)
    • ZS1verSary (Valid till September 26)
    • ZSFR5TNJn (Valid till September 26)
    • nJm7RHhZs (Valid till September 26)
    • EBy7DnNZS (Valid till September 26)
    • q6X7bepZs (Valid till August 26)
    • SAC2045COI (Valid till August 24)
    • zdCapz8Bs
    • ZsJBFdqxY
    • zS8G3HcNY
    • RuBVpxnu4
    • COi23HNY
    • zM8yGGPQc
    • dRWbevBne
    • 25rZufXMAS
    • 100kCOI
    • 8eSY9qdur
    • ksx5qTz6g
    • utpEQRFeV
    • tBUsPKrvE
    • n3t66zhRZ
    • ProtectCoi
    • B7kPmY4sH
    • ScFoeKgrA
    • 4R8WP4prJ
    • GPUgqdk76
    • kKqKsVQxn
    • wHNrRWV8L
    • mm4fzRagz
    • Dg3TYuezR
    • COI555
    • COI6688
    • COI999
    • COISYS
    • COiWEEK

    How to redeem codes in Chronicle of Infinity?

    If you are not sure how to redeem the codes, just follow the steps below.

    • Step 1: Head to the main game interface and select the Perks button at the top right of the screen.
    • Step 2: In the new window, tap on Pack Code option.
    • Step 3: Type in your activation Chronicles of Infinity code and tap Confirm.

    These codes offer a lot of goodies within the game and they are often released through the game’s social media accounts, especially the Facebook account. They are not active for long, most of them expire when new ones are released, so you need to act fast!

    Where can you get more codes?

    We also try to update this list regularly so whenever we find a new code we will add it here. In the meantime, if you’re looking for more cheats, you can always try a similar game – check out our Darkness Rises cheats, or Castle Clash secret cheats. We also have an extensive list of Roblox Redeem Codes.

    Did we miss some codes? Then leave us a comment below and we’ll be sure to add it to the list!

    Original article by Christina Masison, updated by Samant Meena.


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