Red Bull announced T1 and Faker will face LEC giants G2 Esports in their own league


    As the world points and takesForgerySang-hyuk finally stepped onto the world’s biggest stage on home turf (the last two Worlds were held in South Korea), with T1 proving themselves to their own fans as the best team in the world. Is. .

    But regardless of the result, 2023 won’t end with T1 resting on its laurels, as the Red Bull League has come calling of its own, and the world-renowned outfit is set to compete with Europe’s top teams. The field has been beaten.

    The Red Bull League of its own is back for 2023, and with a lineup primarily based on the LEC, T1 and Faker are pitted against G2 Esports as the final team in the tournament. have been announced, kicking off the year with a festive bang. .

    G2 announced as the final team for their own Red Bull League.

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    Red Bull League of Its Own is a post-season show match reel, where T1 Worlds will head to the LEC’s hometown to take on Europe’s best talent – already pitted against the likes of Karmine Corp and Team Heretics.

    But the final test in this exhibition slalom will be G2 Esports, another contender at Worlds who will be a threat in both South Korea and Berlin in the respective events.

    G2 Esports and T1 are two of the most established League of Legends organizations in the world, and the two titans clashed at MSI 2022, where both teams won a match against each other in the Stage 2 Rumble portion of the event. In the end, T1 won 3-0 in the semifinals.

    Red Bull League’s own full line is now set in stone.

    The 5v5 show match series will see T1 take on waves of European threats, which seem to get progressively harder as the days go by.

    The full roster of teams has now been revealed, with local teams NNO Old, BIG, and Eintracht Spandau kicking off the competition, the LEC’s Karmine Corp and Team Heretics to follow, and the Worlds Opposition G2 Esports lineup. are out of

    The League of Legends could head to Berlin for their series as T1 World Champions, as the Korean roster will be itching to prove themselves to their fans before turning over their medals to the LEC.


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