Ravens Watch – Starter Tips



    General points

    • Try and ignore all the crowds on the paths/roads just make your way from the activity node to the next map.
    • Activity Nodes are where you want to fight for your XP to make the best use of your limited time before a boss fight if some of the mods guarding the outside invite/pull them in.
    • Activity nodes shown on the minimap are color coded from green to yellow and then red for the hardest (but better rewards).
    • Do a quick search around the spawn point first targeting the green events and then the yellow and finally the red, but don’t forget if you rush back to base with 300 shards and Spending these shards will make clearing faster/easier. Strong yellow/red events

    Map suggestions

    Points on the map to visit

    • 1) Mini-Boss Event – A tentacle attacks it in a clearing attack and it triggers a lock-in event to kill 3 waves of enemies to reduce the main boss’s health by 20%.
    • 2) Books – 2 versions of the event green and yellow (maybe red but I never get a chance to find everything) Another lock-in event but with a timer to kill all the mobs before the time runs out is put in order to get a great reward. Benefit to Shards or XP
    • 3) Door – Unlocked from inside very hard with a key inside a mini-boss.
    • 4) Benevolence – Defensive mob clears them and takes and spits out shards when used.
    • 5) Shrine of Healing – Pray for free and restore all health and get a bonus health cap on top
    • 6) Exclamation mark quest – Mr. Pig is about to attack his house either made of stone or brick Once you accept the quest, immediately check the mini map for a) straw, b) wood or c) stone

    Check the minimap when you start the quest as it should show 2 or 3 stacks on the minimap which is usually a large stockpile of these mats.

    • a) Straw is found around the map.
    • b) Wood in piles around the map but also drops from mobs of trees.
    • c) Stones are found in large quantities in mines, find them as quickly as possible and go to the end of the mine to compete with the crowd.

    All meet locations are well guarded and you have a few minutes to collect what you can and return it to Mr. Pig and make a home of what you have. So it needs only 20 but at least 16 is proposed to be handed over at the moment. You need to defend his home from 3 waves of mobs first take out the dealers who deal the most damage to DPS then take out the rest.

    • 7) Giant Shards – Clear them while defending through the mobs and get your cash back to the start to get some nice perks *Tip from Megan The Heads Get those shards if you’re in a hurry And make a quick example of the exit if your Melosine you can. Use and drop wisp damage and pick up and shards.
    • 8) Purple Raven Statue – Saved by mobs Clear them out and pray in front of the statue and it will open up a small part of the map for you (in fog).

    Don’t forget Aladdin

    One last thing don’t forget group or solo players Aladdin, try to use your 3 wishes before starting, on items and “gold”, so you can clear the map quickly, allowing you to explore more. Will help to do/spend less. Time fight.

    Finally don’t forget…

    Don’t be a noob like me and don’t forget a tip because fighting 1-2 mobs on lanes is wasting your time your goal here is to get powerups and build a group of mobs that defend the powerups And to move forward. Get as much cash and power-ups as you can before the next boss fight.



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