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    Project Slayers delivers high-octane anime combat on Roblox. This Demon Slayer-inspired game is different from the similar themed games so players choose to play as humans and act like demons. Explore the map of the world to pounce enemies with your combat skills, gain experience, and be the ultimate fighter in the demon-infested universe.

    Get in on this fierce anime combat in the Roblox action RPG Project Slayers and earn free money from these code to XP, and wen. (Images: sauw0pp and Roblox)

    New players can expect to gain XP and Wen (money on the playing table). Revise the Project Slayers codes and give you more spins for your avatars.

    Article Contents

    • What are Slayers?
    • What code is a Slayer?
      • The Active Project Slayers Code (as of January 2023) is effective (Alty code – now 365 days away).
      • Project Slayers is activated to provide code to the participants on January 20, 2012.
    • How can I redeem free codes for Project Slayers?
    • Where can I find more free codes for Project Slayers?

    What is Project Slayers?

    Project Slayers is an anime fight and roleplaying game developed by ouw0pp. This book was released on November 14, 2019. Many books and the world design inspired the popular manga and anime series Demon Slayer.

    The basic gameplay of Project Slayers starts by allowing players to choose either a man who resales the people against demons, or a demon who seeks human victims. The game map is quite large, giving you freedom to go in different cities. It could also spawn random small villages for greater potential exploration.

    You must improve your abilities and develop your skills, to dominate your foes in the Project Slayers.

    Players in Slayers can join quests and defeat enemies to gain momentum. You need to learn more. Clans, as well, determine the power level, and there are different clans that rely on their abilities to judge the level of power and rank of power. This can unlock new powers in the respect of those special Clan NPCs.

    The abilities avatars have in the project Slayers are tied to the combo, breath, Demon Arts and Clan powers. By using these, the enemy will use the attack a lot faster. Here are the controls for combat and trigger combos in the Project Slayer:

    Basic Controls:

    • (L-Click) will be used in the Combat Command.
    • For Combat M2 (R-Click).
    • M for Menu.
    • Q for Dash.
    • CTRL for the Wall Climb.
    • The left side will be taken for Sprint.
    • Click the left.

    Other variations:

    • LRLRL or SPACE – for Air Combo.
    • In order for Special Combo, RRLRL is for Special Combo.
    • LLRLR for Special Combos.

    The project Slayers Roblox page has 12.1 million visits and has gained more than 737 thousand favorites as of the moment.

    What are project codes?

    The developer orw0pp often releases some Open-Source technologies to reward players with freebies like Wen, Spins, Resets, and XP. Wen is an important currency in the acquisition of weapons and things and boosting their character. As for the spins, people are always asking for a change in the dance or just changing their own acrobats.

    What anime do you like about Roblox? Take an look at our code guides for the dragon piece and the ultra unair.

    Codes of active forestry (as of January 2023).

    The code for Project Slayers listed above is currently active and is as good as the present date.

    • [email protected] Redeem this code to give 18 Clan spins, 8 Demon Art spins and 3 Daily spins (NEW!)
    • ExpandedDropsBreathReset Redeem this code so you get Reset Byreset.
    • For IncreasedDropRaceReset Redeem this code and see it back!

    Get bonus XP, Wen, and Spins by redeeming active free codes in Project Slayers.

    Inactive Project Slayers codes are effective starting from January 202.

    This section lists all the expired Project Slayers codes and is not available for redeemed, as is the recent check date.

    • MUGENTRAINFINALLYRedeem this code so it’s re-set to Breathing.
    • AkazagoBRRRedeem this code to get Race Reset by a token.
    • MistBreathing!OMG! Use this code to receive free Clan/Demon Art and Daily Spins.
    • !UpdAtEsO0n! Redeem this code, for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins and for Daily Spins.
    • SwShowcase Redeem this code for free Clan/Demon Art Spins and Daily Spins.
    • Sh0wC4s3beast Redeem this code to earn free spins and daily spins.
    • 500KlikesRedeem this code to get spins, demon art spins, and daily spins.
    • 400KlikesraceresetRedeem this code to get Race Reset for you.
    • 400KlikesbreathingresetRedeem this code to get Breathing Reset.
    • Miniupdate3Redeem this code to get 30 Clan Spins, 6 Demon Art Spins and 1 Daily Spin.
    • MiniUpdate3raceresetRedeem this code so that the race is improved.
    • Miniupdate 3breathingresetRedeem this code to get Breathing Reset.
    • swawsyrra_l.Cynx: elaz.l.Ala.redeem this code to get two digits, five kiloluls and one pono yoon swawri.
    • 1o0mvisits -Redeem this code to get 50 Clan, 20 Demon Art and 2 Daily Spins.
    • 1 o0Meats-_-raceresetRedeem this code to get Race Reset.
    • 1o0millvisits-_-breathingresetRedeem this code to get BreathingReset.
    • miniupd2Redeem this code to get 20 Clan Spins, 15 Demon Art Spins and 2 Daily Spins.
    • miniupd2breathresetRedeem this code to get Breathing Reset.
    • miniupd2raceresetRedeem this code to be Reset with your races.
    • twittaspinsRedeem this code to get 25 Clan Spins, 15 Demon Art Spins, 1 Daily Spin and 1K XP.
    • lastcode?lolRedeem this code to get 50 Clan, 20 Demon Art, and 2 Daily Spins.
    • anotherdayanothershutdownRedeem this code to get Free Clan/Dive Art Spins and Daily Spins.
    • 300klikes! Use this code to receive free tax, and free tax, in order to get a full monthly tax.
    • Shutnumb2Redeem this code to get 35 Clan Spins, 15 Demon Art Spins, and 1 Daily Spins.
    • Shut up!Redeem this code for 35 Clan Spins, 15 Demon Art Spins, and 1 Daily Spins!
    • Pre-updateRedeem this code to earn 75 Clan Spins, 40 Demon Art Spins, and 3000 Exp.
    • MiniupdatedailyRedeem this code so you can save up to five free daily spins.
    • sCyth3Showcase! Redeem this code and order Free Clan/Demon Art Spins and Daily Spin.
    • 350Kupvotes!BreathingRedeem this code to bring Reset breathing (new server must be v.184+)
    • 450 Kupvotes!Redeem this code to earn 25 gps, 15 gps, 1 gps, 1 kps and 2 jps.
    • $200+upvotestysm Redeem this code to get a minimum of 12,000 exp, 50 Clan and 30 Demon Art Spins.
    • Redeem this code to get 75 Clan Spins.
    • sorryforanothershutdownlolRend up these codes to earn 40 Spins.
    • 100K+likesiglolRedeem this code to get 35 Demon Art, 2000 Experience and 75 Clan Art Spins.
    • Getthere!Redeem this code to get 25 Clan Spins.
    • Sorry for shutdowns.Redeem this code for 10 Arts and 25 Classics.
    • FINALLYRELEASETIME!Redeem this code so you can get 15 Clan Spins, 120 Experience and 300 Wen spins!
    • -BackupRedeem this code to get 20 yen, 20 yen, and more.

    How do I redeem free Codes for Project Slayers?

    Click the Book icon in the Menü. It’s possible to find the code redeem box.

    To redeem codes for Project Slayers, you must follow these steps:

    • Start building projects in Roblox.
    • Press M on your keyboard so you can open the Menu.
    • Click the Book icon at the center of the menu.
    • Type your active code into the text box.
    • Click the Submit Code button to receive your rewards. Enjoy!

    Where can I find more free code for Project Slayers?

    Follow the developer ouw0pp on their social media pages such as Twitter, Discord, and YouTube for updates on the project slayer as soon as they’re released. You can also follow the Project Slayers website, Roblox.

    Use the hashtag #trsz-giw. As soon as the new slayers codes are announced, we update our list every time you enter the new slayers code.

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