Possible return to Returnal teased by developer Housemarque


    Returnal developer Housemarque decided to break the metaphorical (and literal?) window today by releasing a preview of something potentially earth-shattering coming tomorrow.

    Aside from the third update released in March 2022, news about the game has been few and far between. So, it was to the surprise of many fans that a post mysteriously appeared on . Accompanying this image is a striking word: “Tomorrow.”

    Following the image was a short five-second video with the same message.

    Tomorrow may seem like a simple message, however, for fans of the game, the date is quite significant: April 30, 2024 marks the third anniversary of Returnal’s release on the PS5 in 2021, implying that something related to Returnal could be happening. on their way. Since the post was published, fans of the game have been racing to uncover possible clues to decipher as much of this message as possible. With any luck, some DLC or a sequel is in the works.

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    The Helsinki-based developer is well known for being a bit mysterious and discreet about any project it has going. Although Returnal’s senior narrative designer Eevi Korhone has said there may be some lingering story ideas that can be tapped into, the studio has previously stated that they are working on releasing a new project before reopening the chapters of Returnal’s life. Selene. We will soon find out if this is still the case.

    I fell in love with Returnal for its seamless exploration and discovery, as well as how it used immersive audio and visuals to create an experience unlike any other shooter of its time. As such, I can only hope that Housemarque can continue to create impressive work with everything they have in store.

    Tomorrow’s announcement is sure to cause a stir and break some glass. Although fans are full of anticipation, they will have to be patient until tomorrow.

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