Pokemon TCG: Scarlet and Violet – Temporary Forces | The best cards we’ve drawn


    The Pokemon Trading Card Game: Scarlet and Violet series continues with the latest expansion. This latest set, Temporal Forces, continues the ancient and futuristic conventions introduced in Paradox Rift, giving players new strategies that include a variety of easily playable basic Pokémon.

    The Pokemon Company sent over a bunch of booster packs for us to see what we could pull off. The set is one of the smaller recent expansions, but still large by the long-established standards of the Pokémon TCG. Players picking up Temporal Forces can expect to draw from a pool of over 160 cards. In addition to additional ancient and future Pokémon, Temporal Forces reintroduces Ace Spec cards, which were previously implemented during the Black and White series of cards. Those Ace Spec cards were some of the more unique cards I drew, but the Full Art Pokemon and Ex cards surprised me the most. I especially like the Arbok and Minccio fill arts that I’ve caught.

    Check out my favorites from the Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game!

    Pokemon Trading Card Game: Scarlet and Violet – Temporary Forces is now available. For more Pokémon TCG content, including galleries of past expansions, interviews, and the latest news, visit our hub by clicking the banner below.


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