Pokemon TCG: Crown Zenith’s English Radiant Eternatus Revealed


    The Pokemon TCG revealed the English-language versions of new cards coming in the next special set. In January 2023, Crown Zenith will be released, a special set that is limited to branded products but isn’t tofferboxes. The art-themed Crown Zenith is closing the era of the Sword & Shield, as Pokemon Company International plans to switch up to the Scarlet & Violet block in March 2023. Crown Zenith is based mostly on Japan’s VSTAR Universe. The reprint set was inspired by a large Secret Rare section with two new cards that introduced two different types of cards: Art Rares and Special Art Rares. Art Rares are much like Character Rares, but they don’t show Pokemon with Trainers, but rather show them in their environments or sometimes even interact with other species in interesting ways. Special Art Rares are the same as Alternate Arts, combining these ideas with mechanics such as VMAX and VSTAR. We are giving the new Radiant Pokemon, whose colour is called Crown Zenith, along with my original reactions to the first day of the VSTAR Universe.

    Crown Centith cards. GROUP: Pokemon

    Of all the Shiny Pokemon who could’ve gotten Radiant Cards, I didn’t see Eternatus coming until I saw it all in the gamma series. I think this Legendary Pokemon, which was built in big part of the Sword & Shield storyline, would help close up era in Radiant fashion. This card is illustrated by Kagemaru Himeno, who contributed to the TCG since the first set, Jungle. A selection of Himeno’s notable cards includes 23 from Jungle (who’s over 1/3 of the entire set), such as Eevee and its three Generation One evolutions, Dragonite and Aerodactyl from Fossil, the ban to the Team Rocket and the gorgeous Vileplume GX Alternate Art titled Grass, where the Pokemon slid under a tree with its trainer, a Gym Leader Erica from Sun & Moon Cosmic Eclipse

    As long as it’s possible, Japanese sets often give us an early idea of what English-language sets would include, so be careful of what we are promoting. Keep the alert to all new images of VSTAR Universe cards here at Bleeding Cool.


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