Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC isn’t looking good for Entei


    Once upon a time, it was a much bigger deal for a Pokemon to be deemed “legendary.” This is due to there not being many Pokemon at the time, but the appearance of Lugia and Ho-Oh on the covers of their respective games was an iconic time for the Pokeverse.

    Catching Legendary ‘mon, despite being a part of the game’s main narrative, felt like a real win. This isn’t really the case anymore, with players being gifted Pokemon to ride across the entire region without so much as a struggle to reach for a Master Ball.

    Now, it looks like Legendary Pokemon are suffering all over again, with Scarlet & Violet’s Teal Mask DLC potentially doing Entei dirty. 

    Entei is getting a new form

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    As the beefy fire dog, Entei is a pretty damn badass Pokemon. The reveal that the beast would be getting a Paradox form came as a surprise, but a welcome one because many expected that it could turn out to be something pretty epic akin to the Suicine’s Walking Wake or Indigo Disc’s upcoming Raging Bolt for Raikou. 

    Many fans have been speculating that the new form could come to imitate a dinosaur like the Triceratops or Ankylosaur, harkening back to the past vs. future vibe of Scarlet & Violet. As the Paradox Entei’s appearance in the upcoming DLC The Teal Mask isn’t far off, players are getting excited to see what Pokemon turns out.

    Sadly, Johto fans are going to be left sorely disappointed, as leakers are hinting that the new form is a little uglier than we’re expecting.

    Entei’s new form is reportedly boring

    According to Pokemon leaker CentroLeaks, we shouldn’t expect Entei’s Paradox form to be as cool as we’ve considered it could be, suggesting that it’s “boring.” Thye also expanded on Paradox Terrakion looking very different to Iron Leaves and Iron Crown (the future Paradox forms of Virizion and Cobalion). 

    Although they didn’t expand on what they mean, we should maybe lower our expectations. It’s (literally) not a good look, as while some fans have been unimpressed with Paradox forms so far, hopes were high that Entei would have a design that’d be hard to mess up. Alas, it looks like we’re in for another uggo.


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