Pokémon Radical Red – How to Download and Play


    Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee were good Kanto remakes, but not quite what more traditional Pokémon fans expected from the region. Radical Red is a “remake” version of the Pokémon FireRed hack ROM that introduced a more challenging and comprehensive Kanto experience, with more Pokémon, better Gym Leaders, in-game randomizers, and more. Here’s how to download and play it.

    How to download Pokémon Radical Red

    There are no fancy steps needed to download Pokémon Radical Red. Just click on the download link given at this thread. The current version is v3.0.

    The creator of the game, Soupercell, informs the community about Twitter if you upload a newer version. We strongly recommend that you follow it for new patches and other updates. It often adds Pokémon that are added to recent Pokédexes, for example.

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    How to play Pokémon Radical Red

    Since Pokémon Radical Red is a ROM cheat, you need two things to play it:

    The Pokémon Radical Red file you initially downloaded is an update patch for the base game. Use your preferred GMA emulator to patch or update FireRed 1636 (Squirrels) and it should update to the Soupercell version.

    We must warn you that Nintendo is doing its best to shut down many ROM hacking websites today. The above link should work, but if it doesn’t, your best bet is to search for “1636 Pokémon FireRed” and hope that an online ROM file has survived long enough to host the link for you.

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