Pokemon 151 Most Valuable Cards in the TCG Expansion


    Pokemon 151 is finally here, providing TCG collectors with an impressive lineup of Illustration Rare and Hyper Rare cards to explore, so here are the most valuable cards you can pull from the set.

    Bridging the gap between Obsidian Flames and Paradox Rift is the long-awaited Pokemon 151 set. This is a special expansion that includes the entire lineup of OG Pokemon from Red and Blue’s Kanto Pokédex, so you’ll be able to find everything from Pikachu to Mewtwo inside.

    While collecting all 151 base cards will undoubtedly be a goal for many fans, there are plenty of rare cards to discover beyond that number, from illustration rares to ultra rares, special illustration rares, and even Golden up to Hyper Rare. There’s a lot going on here!

    Whether you want to collect them all or you just want to pull rare cards, we’ve rounded up the most valuable cards you can get in the Pokemon 151 expansion based on current market prices.

    Updated October 2, 2023, to reflect changes in market prices.

    The most expensive cards in the Pokemon 151 TCG expansion

    Here are the most valuable cards in the Pokemon 151 expansion based on market prices TCG Player At the time of writing:

    What is the most valuable Pokemon 151 card?

    This may not come as a surprise. Special Example Rare Charizard Ex Card remains at the top of the list of most valuable cards, but it’s interesting to see. Special Illustration Rare Erica’s Invitation Having a lot of cards, especially on top of popular Pokemon like Blastoise ex and Mew ex.

    Most of the Pokemon 151 cards shown in the table above have seen a drop in market value since launch day, especially the Zapdos ex and Venusaur ex cards. The exception to this rule is the (surprise, surprise) rare Charizard Ex card of Special Instance, which costs a lot more.

    The Japanese version of the Pokemon 151 expansion was one of the most requested cards Special Illustrations Rare Mayobut in the English version that card is only available as part of the Ultra Premium Collection – not in the Booster Pack – which explains why it doesn’t feature on the list above.

    While these market values ​​are correct at the time of publication, it’s important to remember that these prices are likely to fluctuate slightly in the coming days and weeks as people learn which cards are the hardest to find. And the hype of the expansion starts to wear off. .

    Still, you should be able to get a pretty solid idea of ​​which cards are the most valuable and hard to find from the table above. Happy hunting!

    Here’s everything you need to know about the most valuable Pokemon 151 cards. Check out our Pokemon home page for the latest news and guides.


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