Pick Up Sidescrolling Shooter Space Runaway Now Free



    110 Industries and Soleil have today released their 16-bit sidecrolling shooter, Space Runaway, on PC, for free. Space Runaway offers seven levels for you to get through, epic enemies to defeat and a variety of cool powerups that you would need if you’d win the alien forces trying to take you down.

    One of many mini-games created as part of the anticipated series’ third-person action title Wanted: Dead in the UK on Valentines Day 2023, Space Runaway has lasted forever. After becoming a fully-fledged title, which looks like an undiscovered classic from the 16-bit era, 110 decided to share the game with the world for free.

    In Space Runaway, you control the experimental secret mech known as XR-110, developed by Dr. Lincoln Maverick. The ruthless Toliman Empire has discovered its existence, but the knowledge that made them so a success and a victory over the Earth’s last hope is achieved. Only you can survive the attack and escape from using the XR-110! Humanity hope rests on your unwilling shoulders as the Toliman empire pursues its mission of ending the Space Runaway.

    Space Runaway full version will also be playing as a mini-game in Wanted: Dead next week. Wanted: Dead is a love letter to the sixth generation of games consoles developed by some of the great talents who created Ninja Gaiden. This game lets you combine skill-based sword combat, third-person cover shooting, and stylish finish moves. Wanted: Dead is available now for pre-order.



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