Phasmophobia Head Mounted Camera Guide


    Phasmophobia offers a variety of gear and upgrades to players, including the Head Mounted Camera. This item is an excellent option if you want to speed up your team’s progress in Phasmophobia. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get the Head Mounted Camera, how to use it, and what ghosts it can detect.

    How to get the Head Mounted Camera

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    To unlock the Head Mounted Camera in Phasmophobia, you have to buy it from the shop for $60 (in-game currency). The shop can be found inside the lobby where you start the game. Head over to the computer screen on the top right side, then click on it to open the shop menu.

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    How to use the Head Mounted Camera

    You can use the Head Mounted Camera by equipping it from your van. This will put a camera view over the player. Everyone on your team will be able to review the footage you record on the computer, and you can also turn on night vision.

    The main benefit of wearing this camera is that it does not take up one of your three item slots. This gives you room to carry other items for identifying the ghosts instead of having to carry the default camera.

    What ghosts can be detected with the Head Mounted Camera?

    There are many types of ghosts that you can identify with the Head Mounted Camera. Like the default camera, you use it to spot ghost orbs. Here is a list of ghosts you can identify using the Head Mounted Camera in Phasmophobia:

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