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    The new S rank invasions give another opportunity for the most powerful Peroxide players to flex with their special abilities. This new game mode is much harder than the other content in the game, though. There are some strategies with some Invasions where players can solo them, but most likely players are going to need to bring along some high-powered friends if they want to beat this game mode.

    How can players beat the S Rank Invasions in Peroxide – Roblox?

    Before even trying to attempt these crazy invasions in Peroxide, I recommend bringing along four friends. Each invasion ends with an immensely powerful boss, so players are going to want teammates for that. Each member of the party should also be at least level 130, if not higher.

    There are several different invasion maps, but the main idea stays consistent throughout all of them. First, players will need to complete an objective (most often this will be breaking pipes), followed by a second objective. Once all of these are completed, the door to the final boss will open.

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    The basic guards in these invasions hit really hard, so it’s a good idea to eliminate them first. Don’t try to break pipes or collect other objects with these guards still alive, or it will simply be too overwhelming to stave them off.

    What rewards drop from S rank invasions in Peroxide – Roblox?

    Players can get a new reward for beating an S rank invasion: the new Unstable Time Remnants. Unlike Time Relics, which can help earn gems in Peroxide, Unstable Time Remnants have a whole other set of rewards that come with them. Those are as follows:

    • Godly Accessory: This gives players one of five new accessories that are quite rare
    • Legendary Skill: aqcuire one of the four new skills, one of which only applies to Shinigami
    • Ultimate Crystal: A powerful Reiatsu Gem that boosts the player’s Ultimate attack, albeit with a severe cost.

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