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    If you have decided to become a Soul Reaper in Peroxide, the gym/dojo is one of the only places where you can train your stats and make your character stronger. If you have lost your way and want to get to the gym/dojo in the game, I am here to help. In this guide, I’ll tell you the exact location of the gym/dojo in Peroxide and how you can get there from the main city and Kisuke’s shop.

    Where to Find the Gym/Dojo in Peroxide

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    The gym/dojo is found at the upper-right edge of the Outer Karakura town. If you have already reached Kisuke’s shop, go to the upper left side from the front of his shop, and after walking a little, you will see the gym/dojo’s windows. If you are a Soul Reaper, you can use your Number 1 ability to seek out important locations with Rieatsu, which will show you the gym/dojo’s location.

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    To reach the gym/dojo from the City Centre, go to Outer Karakura Town by crossing the big bridge on the left side of the city. After crossing the bridge, head towards the right area, where you will see Kisuke’s Shop. Alternatively, if you are new, you can die and the game will resurrect you at Kisuke’s shop.

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    When you use your Number 1 ability to seek out important locations as a human, it will point you to Kisuke’s shop, which is another great way to find the gym/dojo. From here, you can head to your destination. After you reach the gym/dojo, talk to the receptionist, and he will let you in the gym/dojo for 50 Yen.

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