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    Some of the toughest challenges Peroxide players face are raids. They’re about to get a lot tougher with Distorted Raids, a new form of Raid with some more threatening bosses. That said, these new raids also have better releases, so they’re worth the average player’s time to check them out.

    What are warped raids in Peroxide – Roblox?

    Warped Raids are basically a higher level of peroxide raids. The bosses have more health than the average raid boss and also hit harder than the average raid boss. As such, I definitely wouldn’t attempt these raids solo. However, due to the greater challenge, these raids also offer a greater reward.

    What do Distorted Raids in Peroxide – Roblox offer?

    The main downfall that comes from warped raids is unstable time remnants. These are very valuable items that allow players to select from three benefits. Those benefits are the following:

    • Pious Accessory: One of the five accessories in the powerful Godly Time set.
    • Last Glass: A special Reiatsu gem that gives a considerable boost to the user’s ultimate move.
    • Legendary Ability: One of the four skills that have received Legendary status.

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    How to Start a Warped Raid in Peroxide – Roblox

    Loading a warped Raid isn’t cheap in Peroxide. First, players will need to find the wandering merchant, known as Dr. Hydrogen. From him, players will need to purchase a Time Splitter from him, which summons a warped raid. However, these Time Splitters cost 5,500 yen each, so be sure to save up for them.

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