Penny’s iconic Eevee backpack is finally for sale


    The Pokemon Company has finally released the one thing we have all wanted since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was released last year.

    Penny’s adorable Eevee backpack has been a source of envy for many Pokemon fans. Thanks to a recent Japanese merch drop, it is finally possible to get your hands on one for yourself.

    The newest merchandise drop in Japan is centred around the Paldea Pokemon trainers including Nemona, Iono and, of course, Penny.

    Penny’s Eevee backpack is finally real

    Since the latest games in the Pokemon franchise were released in November 2022, fans have been asking Nintendo to bring out Penny’s iconic Eevee backpack.

    The bag is based on the normal-type Pokemon, a popular mascot for the franchise, and is unique for the white straps that mimic Eevee’s neck fluff.

    Twitter users asked Nintendo for the accessory, saying: “I know Pokemon Scarlet and Violet just came out but do you guys plan to sell that Eevee backpack that penny has?…I  want it.”

    Others said “GIVE ME THAT BACKPACK I STG. I need it” or pointed out to Nintendo how much money they would make if they created it.

    It is no surprise, therefore, that the latest merchandise drop for the Pokemon Violet and Scarlet games includes the bag.

    What do we know about the Eevee backpack?

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    Image via The Pokemon Company

    The Eevee backpack will be released in Japan on 16 September, alongside the rest of the Paldea Trainer merchandise, and is set to retail for ¥6,930, which is equivalent to approximately £38.

    Unfortunately, there is no mention of a Western release at this stage, and while there is a chance The Pokemon Company may bring the bag to more countries in the future, there is no telling when, or even if, this will happen.

    For now, people from the rest of the world who don’t want to risk missing out on the adorable accessory may be able to import it for a higher cost from Japan.

    The full line-up can be viewed on the Memories of Paldea website. Other fun replicas that are for sale include Rika’s black gloves, Iono’s hairbow and her Magnemite headband, as well as a host of fun keychains, t-shirts and accessories.


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