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    If you’re looking for a game like Stardew Valley, that cozy sim-game feel, then Palia is a great choice for you. This game allows you to join the town of Palia and interact with the fascinating people there as you start your own life there as well. Of course, of the best features of the game, and one of my favorite features, is the romance potential. You can romance several different unique characters in the town and share a life with them. Here are all the details and how to win them over successfully.

    All Romanceable Characters in Palia

    There are currently 9 characters available for romance options in Palia, and each is truly unique in personality and behavior. To properly win them over, you’ll need to gift them items they enjoy and complete romance events with them. Take a look below at some of their preferred gift items:


    Image via Palia Official Wiki

    Jel is the well-dressed, handsome gentleman of the town and also the one to go to for any fashion advice. Once you befriend him, you may just be able to learn his inspirations and potentially become his inspiration if you two can fall in love. Here are some of his liked items for gifts:

    • Crystal Lake Lotus
    • Sundrop Lillies


    Image via Palia Official Wiki

    Jina is a highly intelligent scholar in training who will never back down from adventure. She is consistently seen at the ruins, excavating for new discoveries, and will always have her Golem companion, Hekla, by her side. Take a look at some items she prefers as gifts:


    Image via Palia Official Wiki

    Tish is an artsy bundle of joy, despite her mishaps with her health in the past. She loves creating furniture and is excited to help you start furnishing your space and perhaps a space you can share together in the future! Here’s a look at some items she prefers to receive as gifts:


    Image via Palia Official Wiki

    Einar may be a Golem, but he is one of the wisest and sweetest townees. He is often seen fishing, and although he may be one of few works, his words are meaningful and inspire a world where everything and everyone is connected. Take a look at his favorable gifts below:

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    Image via Palia Official Wiki

    Hassian may seem mysterious and brooding on the outside, but he has a deep love for nature and spends a lot of time hunting in the forest with his loyal dog, Tau. Although it may take him a bit to warm up to you, once he does, he might just share his secrets with you. Take a look at some of his preferred gifts:


    Image via Palia Official Wiki

    Tamala is a talented potion maker, brewing and creating many different remedies and beauty concoctions. She gets along well with Hassian because they both are calm and collected people. Here are a few of her preferred gifts to receive:


    Image via Palia Official Wiki

    Reth is Tish’s carefree and bubbly older brother. He works diligently as the Inn’s chef, cooking up tasty food and his self-proclaimed town favorite, all-lettuce vegetable soup. If you happen into a relationship with him, he’ll be happy to share his meals with you. Take a look at his favorite gifts:


    Image via Palia Official Wiki

    Kenyatta is a free soul that, despite being the Magistrate’s daughter, would rather spend her time in the stables. She has a touch is mischief to her as she is constantly at odds with her mother. She is still trying to figure out her path in life, but you may just be the destination she’s looking for. Here’s a look at her preferred gifts:


    Image via Palia Official Wiki

    If you’re looking for the perfect partner, Nai’o is the perfect candidate. He is a hopeless romantic, a hard worker, and a sweet soul that never looks down on other people. As Auni’s older brother, he is constantly looking out for him and shows off his responsible personality. Here are his preferred gifts:

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    How to Romance in Palia

    Like most cozy sim games like Palia, to start a romance with characters in the world, you’ll need to befriend them and build your relationship through the simple means of gift-giving. There are specific items that each character will want each week, and these items will boost their relationship significantly. You can check them by going to the Relationship page and looking in the top right corner on each character page.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Each character will have four items as Weekly Wants. You can learn the items they want by speaking and interacting with them. You can only give them one of each of these items a week, but they will build their relationship more quickly. However, along with these gifts, you can also give them other gifts or items that they like (as listed above).

    You’ll gain more friendship levels with characters each time you gift them items. You can keep track of their Friendship level on their character page in the Relationships menu. Once characters reach level 3 of Friendship, you can purchase a Box of Chocolates from Zeki’s Shop to trigger romantic events, quests, and new voice lines for the character. And no worry about missing out on another character while you’re romancing one character; you can romance multiple characters to experience all special events and eventually earn the Romance Pin.

    Romance is always one of the most fascinating features in cozy sim games, and have a lot of cute and heartfelt dialogue and events to experience. Work on building your relationship with each character to learn more about them and become their special someone.

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