OtterBox new MagSafe OtterGrip iPhone case rips popSockets in the best possible way


    I love the concept of PopSockets.

    Because of the small size of your gadgets, it’s easier to hang your smartphone, especially at odd angles. It’s not as simple as the other, but it’s always back to the rear of the devices. Since the easy to detachable version of a MagSafe-compatible version isn’t as reliable as the case.

    This is where OtterBoxs new OtterGrip Case comes in. This case combines with 3x MIL-STD drop protection, which company most famous for, but with a built-in grip on its rear slides back into the storage so that it doesn’t eat well.

    If you want that extra grip the pop-out offers, you can take advantage of it, but you can, if you don’t want it anymore, slide it back into the future to offer the best of both worlds.

    OtterGrip has an integrated grip that allows for a comfortable user’s touch in your hands, and puts a user’s hands on the iPhone when using the touchpad. It’s designed for strong alignment and grip with the MagSafe technology, and its accessories without removing or repositioning the case or grip, says OtterBox in a recent press release.

    A grip rotates 360 degrees and, unlike PopSockets, a small loop allows you to slide your fingers into it.

    OtterBoxs new Apple Watch case by OtterGrip MagSafe will release in February for $59.99 (roughly $11,15 CAD).

    Get your copyright: Otterbox.

    Source: Otterbox.


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