OSRS Black Mask Guide: How to Obtain, Requirements, Effects



    When fighting NPCs in Old School Runescape, the ability to debuff them or make them easier to kill is a huge help. This is even more often when you are doing Slayer tasks where you will have to kill a lot of strong monsters. Just like getting to level 99 in stealing, for Slayer there are items that can make things easier, and one of them is the Black Mask item. Next, you’ll find out what Black Mask is and what you need to do to get one in his hands.

    OSRS Black Mask Guide: How to Obtain, Requirements, Effects

    How to get a black mask

    The first and most important requirement to get a black skin is to have a level 58 assassin. Without this, you won’t be able to get the item due to the strength of the monsters it drops from. From there, you will need to complete the cabin fever search so that you have access to the Mos’Le Harmless island. This island is important because it is home to cave horrors Which are the mafia from which Black Mask falls.

    Once the requirements are met, you simply need to start farming the Cave Horrors. The Cave Horrors themselves are pretty easy to take down. They have low defense and HP, but you should find a haunted wood icon or use Protect from melee before committing them. These two effects will protect you from his scream attack which does 10% of your max HP in instant damage. His melee attacks also deal magic damage, but this is much less of a problem than the scream attack, so you should be fine if you can survive or negate the scream.

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    What is a black mask?

    The Black Mask item is a headgear that offers some unique bonuses to the player wearing it. For starters, it offers huge Attack and Strength boosts when fighting NPCs that are part of Slayer quests. It also has a unique effect that reduces the Defense of monsters by 2-7%. However, the conditions must be met for this ability to activate:

    • The NPC must be 10 squares away from the player.
    • The NPC must have more than 50% health.
    • The NPC can no longer have a low Defense stat.
    • The NPC must attack the player.

    Once all of these conditions have been met, the game rolls your Magic Accuracy against the target’s Magic Defense, and if you win this roll, the effect activates and a charge is consumed. The mask has 10 charges of this effect and once they are depleted, they cannot be recharged. However, the mask can be used to create other, more powerful items even after its charges run out.

    Finally, to wear the Black Mask you must have 20 Strength, 10 DefenseY 40 Combat.

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