Operator tier list for Y8S3


    Knowing what the best Attackers and Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege are is essential if you want to stay on top of the meta, and we’ve got all of the best Operators in the game right now in Y8S3.

    While players can succeed with any Operator in R6 Siege if they are mechanically skilled enough, choosing the Attackers and Defenders with the best gadgets and overall kit in the game will help you a lot when it comes to winning games.

    Below, we’ve done the hard work for you and have broken down who the best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege are right now, so keep reading to see all of the best Attackers and Defenders to pick in Y8S3.

    Rainbow Six Siege Operator tier list: Attackers

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    As attack and defence have their own dedicated Operators, our tier list is split into two sections, Attackers and Defenders, in order to accurately assess the two team’s overall power levels.

    So, check out the table below for our Rainbow Six Siege Operator tier list for the Attackers:

    Tier Operators
    S Ace, Buck, Dokkaebi, Iana, Ram
    A Ash, Hibana, Lion, Sledge, Thatcher, Nokk
    B Brava, Grim, Nomad, Osa, Thermite, Ying, Zero
    C Amaru, Capitao, Finka, Flores, Gridlock, IQ, Jackal, Twitch, Zofia
    D Fuze, Glaz, Montagne, Maverick
    F Blitz, Blackbeard, Kali, Sens

    As you can see, there is quite a split between the power levels of the Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege.

    While any player can succeed with any Operator if they’re skilled enough, you’re going to have a much better time with those on the top, instead of annoying your teammates by picking those on the bottom.

    Some of the best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege fall within the Attackers group, and they are often where you see the flashiest players and most skilled players.

    Who are the best Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege?

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    The best Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege are Dokkaebi, Iana, Buck, Ace, and Ram, which is why they sit exclusively within the S-tier in the table above, making them the ideal choice if you’re looking for the meta Operators right now.


    I have always loved playing Dokkaebi for her precision and hacking capabilities, but she is firmly one of the strongest operators that you can pick on attack right now in Siege. Her Logic Bomb is incredibly strong for clearing out roamers and entering a site, making defenders move from their position or find themselves on the end of your gunfire.

    This is especially strong if you’re using one of the best headsets for Rainbow Six Siege, as you will be able to accurately pinpoint the vibration of a cell phone call if any defenders fail to turn it off. Additionally, her ability to hack all enemy cameras can completely derail a defensive intel set-up, making her easily one of the best attackers to counter a well-coordinated team.

    Finally, her DMR has only grown in strength with historical buffs, giving her lethal precision that can also open up walls, windows, hatches, and more for your team.


    If you ask most players right now, they’d tell you that Iana is the best Attacker in Rainbow Six Siege, and they’ve definitely got a point. She is never not useful to have on attack, as her clones will always give you information even if you don’t manage to fool anyone.

    Furthermore, she has two incredibly strong guns that will help you win more gunfights, and she even has frag grenades to make things even more appealing – almost everything that you’d want when it comes to the best Operators.

    She is also one of the best Attackers for beginners in Siege, as her kit is simple but incredibly rewarding, so it might be worth picking her up if you’re not the most confident.


    While Buck was already a strong Attacker, the recent shotgun buffs in Y8S3 have seen him instantly become one of the best Operators in Rainbow: Six Siege right now.

    He has fantastic soft breaching capabilities that can work at multiple ranges and verticalities, making him an excellent pick for unlocking sites and flushing out hiding spots.

    Furthermore, he now essentially has two top-tier primary weapons in one that he can quickly switch between, with the C8-SFW being as strong as ever, and now the Skeleton Key under-barrel shotgun capable of dropping people at both close and medium range.


    If you’re looking for someone to open up even the most secured bomb sites, then Ace is probably the top Operator in Rainbow Six Siege for you. He is arguably the best hard breacher in Rainbow Six Siege, as his S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher will tear apart any wall it touches, and you can do it twice!

    Furthermore, the AK-12 is arguably the strongest assault rifle in the game right now, and it was a joy when it was given to another Operator outside of the relatively weak Fuze.

    Ace’s strength compared to other hard breachers in the game comes from his flexibility. I find it so frustrating to be killed when I’m using my gadget as Thermite or Hibana, so being able to chuck his S.E.L.M.As from a distance and attack from safety is something I very much appreciate.


    Despite only just arriving in the game, Ram has immediately become one of the strongest Operators that you can pick in Y8S3. Her BU-GI Auto Breacher gadget provides unmatched vertical breaching, making her an ideal choice no matter the scenario.

    While still not as strong as it once was all those years ago, the R4-C remains an excellent weapon that can quickly take down enemies with precision – meaning that you won’t be left at a disadvantage when your breachers have been depleted.

    Time will tell as to whether Ubisoft will let Ram remain this strong, but for the time being it is undeniable that she is among the best Attackers that you can pick.

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    Rainbow Six Siege Operator tier list: Defenders

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    Now, moving to the defensive side of things, we’ve got another tier list showing you the best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege, which is ideal if you’re looking for the most meta Operator in the game right now.

    Ensuring that you have the right Defenders is perhaps slightly more important than the Attackers, as their gadgets can really make or break a successful bombsite protection.

    Tier Operator
    S Azami, Fenrir, Mira, Smoke, Solis, Warden
    A Echo, Kaid, Kapkan, Lesion, Mute, Valkyrie, Wamai
    B Alibi, Aruni, Bandit, Doc, Jaeger, Melusi, Mozzie, Rook, Thorn
    C Castle, Ela, Frost, Goyo
    D Caveira, Maestro, Pulse, Thunderbird
    F Clash, Tachanka

    Much like the Attackers, things are quite split within this Rainbow Six Siege Operator tier list for Defenders. All of the choices within the top half are well worth picking.

    However, you’re almost wasting a spot in your team if you pick any of the lowest Operators, as the relative lack of utility they bring compared to the other options will be a pain to yourself and your team when trying to win each round, so you’d be better off picking one of the best Operators even if you aren’t the most confident.

    Who are the best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege?

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    According to our tier list above, the best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege are Smoke, Azami, Solis, Mira, Warden, and Fenrir. In the right hands, these Operators can win you rounds single-handedly and will be a major thorn in the side of any opponent.


    Smoke – like Thatcher in the Attackers list – is an ever-present Operator that will remain as one of the best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege for the game’s entire lifespan.

    His kit is simple but so strong, and with an ever-reliable weapon you really just can’t go wrong here.

    His Remote Gas Grenades can be used both proactively and reactively, allowing you to retreat to safety or to advance onto a vulnerable enemy. Furthermore, he remains one of the strongest Ops in the game for site setup, which is vital to learn if you want to climb the ranks in the game.


    Azami is right up there with Smoke when you’re talking about the best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege, as her unique ability will never not be relevant within a defensive round.

    The Kiba Barrier is an ability that fans had been requesting for years prior to Azami’s release, as you really can’t overstate how useful a hole-plugging ability is when defending.

    No more do you have to worry about those pesky Attacker-favoured sightlines, allowing you to cross areas or anchor down without the fear that someone is going to drop you from an unknown angle – making her the perfect pick if you’re looking for a meta Operator.


    Gadgets are the name of the game in Siege, so having an Operator who can flush them out is incredibly useful and is why Solis sits at the top of our Defenders tier list.

    You really can’t understate the importance of intel on both an individual and team level in Siege, whether it be the safety of roaming without traps or being able to flush out an opponent who is sitting defenceless on their own gadget.

    As Solis you’ll likely be the lifeblood of your team with everything going through your eyes, so make sure that you’re confident in communication before picking them up, as you’ll want to make the most of their communication.


    Mira is still by far the best site anchor in the game, allowing you to completely shut down enemy engagements from the perspective of fear alone.

    Her one-way mirrors not only protect you from incoming gunfire but also give you an opportunity to pop out and pick up kills without the enemy even seeing you, which alone makes her one of the best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege for defending a site.

    Once you master the best mirror spots on each map, maximising the sightlines that you can create, you will truly be able to shut down enemy attacks as they come into your path.

    Your mirrors are even strong if there’s no one behind them, as your opponents will likely expend resources in order to deal with them on the off chance that there’s a Defender sitting in wait.


    While he might have had a rocky launch back in the middle of Year 4, Warden has slowly grown in strength and is now easily one of the best defenders you can pick in Rainbow Six Siege. His gadget is incredibly strong and always useful – giving you protection from any attacker stuns, and letting you see through smoke, which is an invaluable skill in the current meta.

    Perhaps what makes Warden so strong right now is his speed and optic capabilities. Sometimes all you need in Siege is a gun and someone fast to use it, and I certainly appreciate using Warden on rounds where I don’t want to think too much. I love just shoving on the gadget before an engagement with the knowledge that I’ll be protected, and his 1.5x sight allows me to get kills at ranges longer than most on defence.


    Finally, we reach Fenrir who, despite being in the game for just one season so far, has emerged as probably the best Defender in the entire game. There is a reason why he is being banned so much at the top level, and that is purely due to the sheer effectiveness of his F-NATT Dread Mine gadget.

    If you happen to catch yourself in the middle of a F-NATT smoke cloud then you might as well be dead, as there is likely a Fenrir just around the corner waiting to pop out and drop you. Furthermore, these gadgets are also bulletproof until they are activated, so it is likely too late to take them out if you find that you’re exposed to a well-hidden device.

    In addition, the MP7 is near-enough the perfect weapon for this, letting Fenrir pounce on their enemies like a wolf with a blisteringly fast fire rate to ensure that the poor Attacker has no time to react.

    Who are the best Operators in Rainbow: Six Siege? (Y8S3)

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    Staying on top of the meta can be very challenging, so check out the list below for all of the best Operators in Rainbow: Six Siege right now in Y8S3:

    • Ace
    • Buck
    • Dokkaebi
    • Iana
    • Ram
    • Azami
    • Fenrir
    • Kapkan
    • Mira
    • Smoke
    • Solis
    • Valkyrie

    There is a wide range of options listed above, but you can be confident in your pick if you select any of them regardless of the situation or map.

    Iana and Fenrir are arguably the two best Operators right now for Attack and Defense, and their strengths are both unilateral and unmatched by the rest of the roster.

    How good is the new Operator Ram in Rainbow: Six Siege?

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    The new Operator in Rainbow Six Siege, Ram, has made her way into the game with the release of Y8S3, and she has been immediately cemeted as an incredibly strong pick when it comes to the best attackers in the game, surging immediately up to the S-Tier for Attackers.

    It was abundantly clear from the moment I first got to try her out how strong she was, making it easy to place her in the top category of the game. While she is quite slow with one speed capabilities, the strength of her overall kit is so strong that it more than compensates for this.

    The gadget in question is, of course, the BU-GI Auto Breacher, which is a small robot that can roll across a floor, destroying all in its wake. It is by far the best vertical breaching tool in the game right now, with very few counters available to combat its strength.

    It is quick, loud, and most importantly safe to use, making Ram an excellent choice for both team-oriented and solo play. There’s nothing worse as a Defender than fearing vertical sightlines, so you can create so much chaos when playing as Ram if played correctly.

    Combine this with the effectiveness of the R4-C and you’ve got a really strong Operator overall. While she is only one speed, that does make her tankier and hopefully will protect you a little when naturally exposing yourself to enemy sightlines.

    So, that wraps up this Rainbow Six Siege Operator tier list, showing you all of the best Attackers and Defenders in the game right now. We will make sure to keep this list updated with any new balance changes or Operators, so check back regularly for the latest power rankings in the game.

    Check out our R6 Siege homepage for more of the latest news and guides, and check out all of the best free-to-play shooters here if you’re looking for something else to dip your toes in.


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