One Troll Army – Boss Destroyer Achievement Guide


    Effective way to get Boss Destroyer achievement + screenshot.

    How to get Boss Destroyer Achievement


    Hello guys.

    The Boss Destroyer achievement is one of the most time-consuming achievements in the game.

    The hardest boss is usually confused with other bosses or the player doesn’t know how to spawn.

    Here’s some information on how to get it to produce it most efficiently.

    Get the achievement.

    I unlocked the achievement after building the third castle. He also takes birth in survival and endless modes.

    All I did was survive around 7-8 waves in a row without my troll and castle dying and it spawned. Although you may need to avoid more waves in Survival and Endless modes.

    You can easily confuse the hardest boss as it looks similar to the other boss but below you will find a screenshot of what it actually looks like.

    Note that the wave counter does not matter. I hit it around the 60th wave. This is because I was farming other achievements (tower upgrade, fully upgraded troll, etc…).

    One more thing, you must give it the last hit, otherwise it won’t count. I wouldn’t worry because after a while there are several in the same wave.

    If towers steal your kills, simply deconstruct them by changing the tower type and don’t assign builders until the end of the next wave.


    The hardest boss is the one on the top right, with the horns.


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