One Punch Man World Codes to Get a Heroic Head Start (May 2024)


    You will feel like a true Saitama when you redeem One Punch Man World codes as they will provide you with divine benefits.

    Updated May 21, 2024 – Checked for new codes.

    One Punch Man: World puts you in the shoes of ‘hero for fun’ Saitama, and various other heroes who fight to save the world from evil monsters. And while Saitama emphasizes his inability to find a decent challenge, you’ll have a lot of fun playing as heroes from hit series like Moomin Rider, Fubuki or Puri Puri Prisoner.

    We’ve already got to grips with One Punch Man: World in our beginner’s guide which will give you an overview of the basics and the hero, or heroes as you progress. We’ll likely have follow-up coverage of this exciting new game in the coming days and weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

    We’ve tracked down some gift codes that you can activate in One Punch Man: World to get some rewards that will get you started. Remember that right now, during launch you’ll get rewards not only for completing game downloads, but also for your first login, so keep an eye out for them!

    Redeem prizes

    Just tap the phone icon in the top left corner to find the gift code redemption page, then tap the gear icon for settings in the middle right. You will then find ‘Gift Code’ in the top right corner, then as you normally would, just enter the code and hit ‘Confirm’.

    Without further ado, here are the codes we know so far and what they will give you:

    Codes have been tested on EU servers on Android in the UK.

    One Punch Man World Active Codes

    • EggDayOPMW – Free rewards
    • StPattyOPMW – 25 World Silver, 10 EXP Card
    • Anime Awards 24 – 300 World Silver
    • OPMWFanfest24 – 1 regular draw ticket, 200 silver
    • PLAYOPMWPC (pc code)
    • OPMW666
    • OPMW777
    • OPMW888
    • OPMW2024 (SEA server)
    • OPMWSEA (SEA server)
    • OPMWOB
    • OPMW Boom

    Expiring codes

    • ValentinesOPMW (EMEA Server Only)

    These are all the OPM World Codes currently available. And some that aren’t. We have many similar pieces that will enable you to claim free gifts. Take a look at Echocalypse codes as its developers are quite active, but also OPM The Strongest codes (yes, a different game), and Farlight 84 redeem codes.

    Original article by Evan Morris, updated by Samant Meena.


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