Nvidia is credited with preparing a new titanium RTX graphics card with the full-fledged AD102 chip


    The GeForce RTX 4090 is based on a stripped-down version of the Nvidia AD102 graphics core. It is not surprising that information about the presentation of a video card on a full-fledged version of this crystal becomes available by itself in the Internet. According to the latest study, the greens have completed tests for the Titan RTX model already. Against the backdrop of the RTX 4090 GeForce, it reflects on not only its performance, but also its appetite.

    The AD102-450 GPU is the heart of the new Titan RTX. Only 144 streaming multiprocessors are built-in; these correspond to 18,432 CUDA cores, 576 tensors and 144 RT cores. The video buffer of the device is represented by 48 gigabytes of GDDR6X memory, with a 384-bit bus and an effective frequency of 24 GHz, which means a bandwidth of 1152 GB/s.

    The Titan RTX cooling system is built in the spirit of the Founders Edition models, while the video card occupies four expansion slots. At the end of the project, two dual-pin connectors with 12 o’clock. Refer to ATX 3.0 specification, up to 600 W of power can be supplied by one of these kinds of connectors.

    There was no information to date about the price of the new model Ada Lovelace. At that time, Titan RTX (Turing architecture) was priced at 2.

    A source: TechPowerUp.


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