Nominate your game of the year for the PG People’s Choice Awards 2024.


    You have until midnight on June 17 to share your favorite pocket gaming experience with us.

    until the end of time,
    I will be there for you,
    You own my heart and mind
    I really like you.

    So in 1987, Prince sang about his then special lady friend. But he could declare his complete devotion to his newly imported – and world’s most beautiful console – Japanese PC engine.

    We will never know. (OK, OK – we do.)

    The point is, this is the reference we want you to keep in mind when you think about your gaming experiences over the past 18 months. And if there’s one that has wowed you to the point where you want to write one of the most epic love songs on what is arguably the greatest album of all time… take us with you.

    Yes, the PG People’s Choice Awards is back and, as always, it’s built entirely on the premise that real gamers recognize and reward mobile games that, in their opinion, are something doesn’t even compare to that (all this PG Mobile Games Awardspowered by our industry-focused sister site

    We need you

    We’re asking you to nominate your favorite gaming experience of 2023/24 (we usually look at the last 12 months but, due to the awards moving to August this year, we’re looking at the first six months of 2024 are also returning in months).

    Whatever stands out to you, we’d love for you to share it with us so the game – and the team behind it – can parade its glory.

    Girls and boys, you can do it by filling this simple form before midnight on June 17.

    We’ll then collate all the entries, work out the finalists, and showcase them for you to vote on. Once that’s done, the winner will be covered in diamonds and pearls — well, at least as announced during the PG Mobile Games Awards on August 20.

    Oh, and before you go crazy and nominate like it’s 1999, just a little housekeeping – sorry – housekeeping:

    • Eligible games must have a full launch between January 2023 and June 2024.
    • You can nominate more than once (if you have more than one ‘Game of the Year’ pick).
    • Eligible games must be available on iOS or Android platforms
    • The deadline for nominations is Monday, June 17, 2024.


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