No Rest for the Wicked updates are coming at a breakneck pace


    Soulslike ARPG hybrid No Rest for the Wicked hasn’t even been out a week and massive updates are already pouring in regularly. That’s great news for buyers, as though the game has its passionate fans, it certainly has its share of issues, as we see reflected in both critic and user reviews.

    Some will be quick to point out it’s an early access game and so these issues should be excused, but early access or not, the game’s troubles are bound to affect enjoyment, and it’s your hard-earned money being spent now, not when the game is fixed, after all.

    Anyhow, the first update dropped just a day after the early access release and addressed some key complaints like low durability, aggressive fall damage, and low amounts of loot, among other things. Two more that followed shortly after directly addressed performance (a chief target of criticism, and deservedly so — around 30 FPS on potato/Vaseline settings is a travesty however you slice it) and gave durability and loot another pass while throwing in a heap of bug fixes.

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    Major changes like this don’t come easy, so though it’s always disappointing when a game launches too early (yes, even with the early access label), it’s impressive to see developer Moon Studios doing their best to turn the criticism around as soon as possible. That said, I have to hope there isn’t a dark side to this story — Moon Studios have been accused in the past of bullying and crunch, which makes one wonder if weekend patches (and three significant ones in less than a week after launch, when developers normally get a rest) are cause for concern. If I’m optimistic, the culture may have improved the last year and this is just passionate developers wanting to make the game the best it can be as soon as they’re able.

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