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    OnePlus officially announced the date of the first smartphone device the OnePlus 11 5G. A second video last week revealed that the company confirmed that its new high-end smartphone will come in on February 7 in India. We know more about your design, the technical sheet and the price, too.

    The OnePlus 11 will be launched at the OnePlus Cloud 11 event The global launch will take place in New Delhi We know what to expect from the smartphone.

    In terms of schedule, the OnePlus 11 will follow the footsteps of the OnePlus 10 Pro. This latter was first presented in China last January two months before its global launch. OnePlus is going to close this gap in 2023.

    OnePlus 11 5G: An earlier global launch than usual.

    The launch event called OnePlus Cloud 11 will take place on February 7 in India. The phone’s 10 will have a week earlier than the previous one. OnePlus 11, alongside other OnePlus devices, the OnePlus branded Pro 2, with the Banduality Audio.

    OnePlus didn’t reveal other notable details as far as the date of the first quarter of the sale. However, commercialization should not delay given the company’s strategies. The title of the event implies that OnePlus should both make improvements in hardware and software.

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    OnePlus 11: What is it worth the mobile?

    The teaser video showed that OnePlus will reintroduce the Hasselblad camera module missing from the OnePlus 10T. Moreover, the OnePlus 11, with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, a 5000mAh battery, and a fast charging device. It would also be better to upgrade the 50 MP main and second lenses.

    The OnePlus 11 is said to be minimalist. The back may feel the most noticeable change, while the selfie lens on the front would be moved to the center of the screen.

    The green and the black colours should be unchanged. Lastly, the famous alert slider will be back, as confirmed on the OnePlus community forum: “I think it’s an announcement on the popular alert slider.”

    This premium smartphone is ready to bring the brands’ fast and smooth experience to new heights.

    OnePlus 11 is available in green and black / OnLeaks.

    OnePlus should follow Samsung’s example with its update policy. If confirmed, the OnePlus 11 will get four Android updates major.

    The price of the OnePlus 11 hasn’t yet been announced. It could be between the 729 euros of the OnePlus 10T and the 919 euros of the OnePlus 10 Pro. But we have to know more about the official launch.

    What do you think about the spec sheet and the alleged design of the OnePlus 11? Are you awaiting their launch?



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