New Vegas multiplayer is chaotic beauty


    Once upon a time, players thought they wanted Fallout to have its own multiplayer mode. The era of Fallout 3 and New Vegas gave players the chance to explore to their heart’s content, and it spurred them to think, “What if I could do this with my friends?

    Bethesda responded with what it thought they’d been waiting for. Oh, how foolish we were. The advent of Fallout 76 proved that the title struggles to maintain its magic when trying to cater to lobbies of thousands, and many players simply regretted asking.

    But the hopes for the classic Fallout games to welcome multiple players never truly died. If you held out hope for the OG Bethesda RPGs to swing open the gates, your patience is finally being rewarded.

    New Vegas Multiplayer is here, and it’s a delicious mess

    The gods have answered. The team behind NV: Multiplayer has finally opened the doors for players to take to the Mojave with their friends. There’s a mod that adjusts the 2010 title to make it more multiplayer-friendly, and even boats its own dedicated systems.

    The mod has been a long time coming after multiple attempts by other teams, and now, we finally have a client that works. It’s a bit clunky, and unfortunately, the pitfalls of many undermanaged multiplayer games have struck it.

    Fallout: New Vegas multiplayer wannabes are getting spawn-killed and merked by incredibly high-level players as they attempt to join, among other griefing tactics. It’s something that could’ve been expected, but not something that’s easy to manage when you don’t have a team like Call of Duty does.

    How can I play New Vegas online?

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    If you want to have a crack at the new mod and reckon you can stand up to the bullies that are the spawn-campers, then you can do so by heading to the mod’s website and following their instructions. There’s also a Discord server – if you feel like begging for your life there.

    It’s a very impressive undertaking, even if it’s feeling a little like the wild west right now. Even though Obsidian Entertainment hasn’t brought us any closer to a New Vegas sequel or remaster, the ravenous community is keeping that radiated wasteland alive. 


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