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    After a successful open beta week and subsequent update, the Palia 0.166 patch notes have dropped, bringing with it details on new quests, Zeki’s Lucky Coin items and most excitingly of all – pets!

    We’ve cherry-picked the most important Palia patch notes below so you can see what’s been added to the game and how it may affect your Palia experience.

    If you’re excited to see which new items have been added from Lucky Balls at Zeki’s Wonderous Machine or to find out about pets in the game, read on.

    Palia 0.166 patch: New quests

    Palia promotional image of Jina discovering an artefact

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    As per the new update, there have been a host of new quest items added to Palia that, once picked up, will now trigger side quests.

    Along with new side quests, ‘The Acceptance Ceremony’ is a new main quest that will continue the main adventure with a special area and cutscene.

    Palia 0.166 patch: New lucky coin items

    Palia promo image of the Valley Sunrise furniture set

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    You may have received Lucky Coins in the mail from Zeki during your Palia playthrough. These are given every real-world 24 hours to players that buy something from Zeki’s General Store.

    When placed in Zeki’s Wondrous Machine, players have a chance to draw unique furniture items and materials from the store.

    With the Palia 0.166 patch, Lucky Coins will now have the rare chance to pull these exclusive furniture items:

    • Valley Sunrise Bed
    • Valley Sunrise Vase
    • Valley Sunrise Side Table
    • Valley Sunrise Chandelier
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    Palia 0.166 patch: Pets

    Palia promo image of the Palcat pet in different colours

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    Pets have finally arrived in Palia, the first of which is the Palcat in various colour schemes.

    To get a Palcat for yourself, you must choose the add-on when purchasing Palia Coins. Palia developer, Singularity 6 Corporation has expressed that the Palcat will be available retroactively for players who have already purchased Palia Coins in the past.

    Although pets are a premium purchase, they have no active gameplay effects and will simply act as cute companions who will follow the player around on their travels through the game.

    There are four Palcat colours available:

    • The Sandy Palcat is available as a one-time bonus for purchasing any Palia Coin amount.
    • The Nocturnal Palcat, the Island Palcat, and the Snowy Palcat all unlock together once you’ve accumulated a total of 3,000 Palia Coins purchased.
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    Palia 0.166 patch: More Skill EXP

    In-game screenshot of the fishing skill in Palia

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    Palia players will be well-accustomed by now with the various skills in the game like mining, fishing, gardening and bug catching that gate off certain upgrades and crafters.

    As per the Palia 0.166 patch, EXP earned when performing tasks will increase. Fishing and mining XP has been increased, whilst experience gained from shopping wood has doubled.

    This is great news for players looking to access more NPC stores or gain higher-value crafting recipes.

    Palia 0.166 patch: New premium shop items

    Palia promo image of the Spa Day Premium Shop Bundle

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    Along with some adjustments to the Premium Shop UI, the following items have been added:

    Spa Day Bundle (850 Palia Coins/Outfit, 1700 Palia Coins/Full Bundle)

    • Unwind Outfit
    • Snooze Outfit
    • Hibernate Outfit

    Builder Bundle (1275 Palia Coins/Outfit, 2549 Palia Coins/Full Bundle)

    • Skyscraper Outfit
    • Log Cabin Outfit
    • Treehouse Outfit

    Ruffled Redingote Bundle (850 Palia Coins/Outfit, 1700 Palia Coins/Full Bundle)

    Palia 0.166 patch: General adjustments

    In-game screenshot of mining for Clay in Palia

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    Along with the updates mentioned above, Palia has introduced the following adjustments to the game:

    Within the Kilima areas:

    • Increased the frequency at which Clay spawns substantially
    • Reduced the density of forageables across Kilima
    • Decreased the spawn density of hunting creatures in Kilima
    • Reduced the density of insects across Kilima
    • Increased the number of Fishing hotspots in the Mirror Pond Ruins

    Within the Bahari Bay areas:

    • Fixed Heat Root spawn points that were inaccessible
    • Reduced the density of forage spawning on the beach
    • Slightly decreased forage spawning in the Meadows
    • Sharply increased forage spawning in the Forest
    • Added several more locations for forage, insect, hunting creatures, and mining nodes to less populated areas
    • Moderately increased Iron spawning across the zone
    • Increased the number of Fishing hotspots in the Pavel Mines

    Other adjustments

    • Smoke Bombs now have an “Area of Effect” meaning you can target more than one bug at a time
    • You can now sell related items when browsing Guild Shops. You will now be able to sell fish to Einar, ores to Hodari, Bugs to Auni etc.
    • The amount for various items you can request have been lowered to allow them to be fulfilled more easily
    • Foraging, Chopping, and Mining animations can be cancelled now, meaning you won’t have to sit through and wait for them to end naturally
    • Game performance has been improved for lower-end machines

    That rounds off our guide to the most important new Palia features, to arrive with the 0.166 patch. To see the full list of bug fixes you can access the developer patch notes. For everything else Palia-related, check out our Palia page.



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