New medieval strategy game Dinolords


    Danish developer Northplay and publisher Ghost Ship Publishing have revealed Dinolords, a medieval real-time strategy game where you fight Vikings and defend your lands with dinosaurs and more. In a new teaser trailer released during today’s Triple-i Initiative showcase, we get a glimpse of dino-powered armies, action RPG combat combined with real-time strategy, and more.

    “We’re proud to showcase our brand new trailer among so many incredible games and developers thanks to the Triple-i Initiative,” NorthPlay CEO Michael Flop writes in a press release. “We’ve put a lot of love into Dinolords and we can’t wait for players to get their hands on it when it launches in Early Access next year.”

    Check out the new Dinolords reveal trailer for yourself below:

    Mixing real-time strategy with action RPG gameplay, players must gather resources, build cities, fortify and command units in a massive medieval battle, Northplay says. .

    According to a press release, Dinolords takes place in an alternate history in which the King of Denmark begins the first dinosaur-powered battle with his invasion of England. Players take on the role of an English lord, defend their land against formidable invaders and battle their own ancient beasts.

    Here are some Dinolords screenshots for you to check out.:

    Dinolords is set to hit Early Access in 2025.

    Are you going to check out Dinolords next year? Let us know in the comments below!


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