New Half-Life game seemingly leaked for Gamescom


    Fans of Valve have taught themselves to expect nothing when it comes to the company actually making games. We suppose it’s safer and less emotionally damaging that way.

    The team has been pretty upfront about how its focussing on Steam over actual video game development, and it makes sense. After all, the platform is by far the biggest moneymaker that the company has ever seen.

    Still, that doesn’t mean Valve can’t surprise us with new titles every once in a while, just like it did with Half-Life: Alyx. And it looks like the mythos of the Half-Life series is about to get bigger.

    Gamescom might have just leaked a new Half-Life game

    It looks like the Gamescom reveal could be coming a little early, as it appears that the event’s app has leaked a new Half-Life game. The listing for Valve Corporation’s appearance at the event has appeared on the official Gamescom app, giving users access to a few resources when it comes to the company’s arrival.

    But, even though everyone at the event will know what the company is, some “brands” have been attached. Though many expected that Steam would be attached as a brand, most curious is the appearance of Half-Life, being the second in only two brand listings.

    Reddit soon exploded, with some reminding us there’s the rumoured Half-Life multiplayer called “Citadel” that’s out there in the aether. One grumbled, “We are getting everything but Half-Life 3. Sigh,” while another joked, “Half Life Kart confirmed????” To be honest, we wish. 

    Does this mean we’re getting a new Half-Life?

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    The big question is whether this points to a new Half-Life title getting revealed at Gamescom, and there certainly is a chance. It’s strange that Half-Life appears rather than Counter-Strike, especially as the latter is set to get a new instalment soon. It’s pretty shocking that CS wouldn’t at least appear alongside Half-Life.

    Maybe Half-Life is only here as a placeholder. Remember, the series is arguably the most popular franchise that Valve has to its name, but we’re going to have to wait to see what could come of this supposed leak. We’ll take a return to Black Mesa and another go with Gordon Freeman any day. 


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