New AI will replace people here: New tool shows where the journey will go


    Anyone interested in a theory of technology can find a technical demo on the start-ups website and have the chance to download a demo (or to the e-mail list) after a short registration (or at the homepage).

    The demo works like that:

    Step 1

    First, you choose one of the diverse virtual models on this site that corresponds to your personal opinions.

    step 2

    In the next step, you may decide on a suitable background, which way the model would have presented the clothes.

    step 3

    For the models to customize, you can add another face of your choice to the faces of the models. Choose one of the virtual faces you want or upload your own portrait.

    step 4

    One shot of the garment is then uploaded. Take a digital 3D garment or a product-ghost photo.

    step 5

    The website will automatically verify the image uploaded. If the image is rejected, ZMO recommends checking the style guide’s input requirements.

    The system instantly erases the inside of the garment and keeps the details. Click on the changes, so that you can adjust. Click Submit to finish the final image creation.

    step 6

    Finally, you will receive a notification when the result is generated, and you will be shown the clothes in the model you created.

    What you see when you use it:

    As well as the idea sounds, if you look at the demo, you don’t see that the clothes on a virtual model are almost completely real. This can have a negative effect, if you don’t know what a bad picture is, you can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. This are the problems that can certainly be fixed over time.


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