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    MyFullGames has a complete list of all assets NBA 2K Mobile Codes! These cards will be a big boost for some, but they won’t be as useful for NBA 2K Mobile veterans. If you want to get some free stuff like players, keys, cosmetics, and refills, make sure you’re up to date with every code that comes out in this mobile experience. These codes will help you get started in NBA 2K mobile as they offer Sapphire level characters which are great tools for beginners.

    Basketball fans can enjoy 2K Interactive’s popular sports simulator with the NBA 2k mobile experience. Fans on iOS and Android can take to the pitch, play as icons of the sport for teams past and present to win titles on their phones and tablets. Those looking to up their game can secure some boosts with codes.

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    List of all NBA 2K codes

    Updated January 4, 2023

    Get the Paul George card and the Larry Bird card!

    NBA mobile codes (in operation)

    The following is a list of all available NBA 2K mobile codes.

    • LARRY LEGEND—Redeem for a Larry Bird Card (New)
    • GALAXIAPG13—Redeem for a Paul George Card (New)
    • NBAISBACK—Redeem for Anthony Davis Card
    • PDMORANT—Redeem for Ja Morant Card

    NBA Mobile Codes (Expired)

    The following codes are no longer active on NBA 2K mobile.

    • tacomartes—Redeem for LeBron Card.
    • billrussell—Redeem for a Bill Russell Card
    • RAYALLEN20—Get a Ray Allen card and energy recharge x2
    • SKYHOOK33—Redeem for a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Card
    • MVPDROSE—Redeem for a Derrick Rose Card and 2x Energy Recharge
    • JORDAN23—Redeem for a Michael Jordan Card and 2x Energy Recharge
    • THE ADMIRAL—Redeem code for David Robinson Card
    • TAIKLAY – Redeem code for Klay Thomspon card!
    • WHAT DOES BABY DO?—Redeem code for the Kawhi Leonard card!
    • GIVE ME TIME – Redeem code for Damon Lillard card!
    • JURSUMMER – Redeem code for Jrue’s Summer Card!
    • SHOW TIME – Redeem code for Magic Johnson card!
    • ELBIGCACTUS – Redeem the code for a Shaq card!
    • KPPLAYOFFS – Redeem the code to get the Porzingis Theme Card and 2 Event Power Chargers!
    • ELGINBAYLOR – Redeem code to get Elgin Baylor card
    • CP3PHOENIX – Redeem to get Chris Paul card
    • Emerald – Redeem to get Klay Thompson card

    How to Redeem Codes in NBA 2K Mobile

    Redeeming codes in NBA 2K Mobile is easy, just follow these instructions:

    Screenshot from MyFullGames
    1. From the main menu, select The Stat Line option on the left side of the screen.
    2. press the news button on the left side of the screen.
    3. In the text box at the top of the menu, enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
    4. press the Claim button to get the reward.

    How to Get More NBA 2K Mobile Codes

    The best way to get more NBA 2K Mobile codes is to check this page often. Here you will find a new code as soon as it appears. You can also follow the official NBA 2K Mobile Twitter Account for more information on rewards, the new season, and in-game innovations. This way, you will have a roster with some of the best NBA players like Jayson Tatum, Luka Dončić, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, etc.

    Why aren’t my NBA 2K mobile codes working?

    Most NBA 2K Mobile codes have an expiration date. To avoid losing valuable rewards:

    1. Claim the prizes as soon as you can.
    2. Be careful when you are writing code! If you make a typo, your code won’t work.
    3. Enter the codes exactly as specified in the list above.

    Where is the Redeem option in NBA 2K Mobile?

    Having trouble finding a way to claim rewards? Don’t worry, the redemption option will appear in NBA 2K Mobile only when there are active codes. When there are no rewards, the button will disappear. So all you need to do is be patient and wait for the codes to arrive.

    What do the codes do in NBA 2K Mobile?

    Codes in NBA 2k Mobile often give players rare cards that they can use to help build their dream team. Some codes even offer higher energy recharge rates to get players back in the game faster. Codes are your best bet if you’re looking for an extra edge. Technically it’s not cheating because everyone has access to this, and the developers put it in there themselves. This is just to make the game more fun.

    What is NBA 2K mobile?

    NBA 2K Mobile is a free simulation of the best basketball league in the world. You can play this game on your mobile device so now you can play it wherever you are. Create your team with the best players in the history of the league and win games against other NBA fans. To increase your chances, redeem NBA 2K Mobile codes regularly!

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