NASA would like to restart Hubble, if its mission was to raise the telescope’s orbit, and for the missions to orbit that telescope



    NASA is developing plans for the restart of the Hubble Space observatory. The telescope equipment has been in orbit for more than 30 years, and is cost-effective, and maintenance is needed, and as a result, there is the issue raising the orbit of the observatory. The Hubble orbit will drop to 500 km by 2025, and its support will become more difficult. To understand these issues, NASA issued a request to participate in a large mission to keep the mission active. Reboot the Hubble.

    Source: NASA.

    NASA extended the Hubble mission for the summer all the time. By determining the proposed motion, the agency is prepared for continuing support to the operation of the telescope, but that is not possible without maintenance and raising the orbit. Earlier this year, NASA passed a non-exclusive agreement to study the possibility of a tethereal deployment with SpaceX. The Crew Dragon can ship for this. At the moment, there is no plan of a mission such as that in SpaceX.

    SpaceX has received an open request for everyone to participate in the SpaceX reboot program. The short resume of applicants to solve the problem needs to be submitted at least 8 weeks and an exam at least 24 weeks.

    It seems that NASA doesn’t intend to pay for the mission to raise the orbit of the telescope. The contract will be achieved on the basis of a non-exchange financing. The focus is that the best system will be the foundation of space science to carry out the many other satellites in orbit, from repairs to re-orbits. Having tested the technology free on the ground up, the applicant will have access to NASA contracts for years and even decades.

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