My Hero Ultra Rumble – Character Unlock Guide


    My Hero Ultra Rumble is a fighting game based on My Hero Academia, in which you can play using the same My Hero Academia characters in Battle Royale style matches with up to eight players. In order to use these characters, you will have to unlock them; I’ll tell you how below.

    How to get characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble

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    There are two different ways to get characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble: you can rent them or get them permanently.

    How to rent characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble

    When you start the game, you get three rental tickets that allow you to rent three of the locked characters for a single match. With this method, you can use them and try them out before you buy them using Character Tickets.

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    How to unlock characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble

    With the purpose of unlock characters permanently, you must earn 300 Hero Souls, an in-game currency that can be obtained through the game’s gacha system. You can then redeem them for a character ticket, which allows you to unlock and keep a character forever.

    There are other special characters that you can also unlock through the Season Pass-style License tab by simply playing the game enough to earn a large amount of in-game currency; However, this may require many wins before you can get any.

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