MW3 Season 3 Greenhouse Map Has a Special Surprise


    New map releases are always a lot of fun; They are uncharted territories that allow players to dive in and spot bugs, changes, or even interesting Easter eggs. MW3’s new Growhouse map has just been released and players have already found something interesting beneath the surface – let’s take a look at the surprise.

    MW3 Season 3 Greenhouse Map Surprise

    Reddit user Demon5572 participated in a private match to explore Growhouse only to unexpectedly find something interesting. In a short video showing them swimming out of bounds and traversing the terrain, they are found below the map. After a short period, the water texture ends and a new face appears.

    The strange image depicted is one taken at the edge of a pier, with a small lighthouse and a rocky coast that turns into a long beach. No matter how hard Demon5572 tries, they can’t change the perspective of the image. This is due to the nature of the image itself. Known as HDRi, it is a spherical image designed to improve the lighting of a scene, which is common practice and may indicate that other maps have this type of secret.

    Community comments range from the hilarious “Oh, that’s where I left bridge.jpg” (from user Alexgamertv689) to the very insightful “It’s called HDRI.” They probably found a good one and downloaded it without thinking you’d break the boundaries and see it’ (from user ph4tcat).

    Many others comment on the nice find and the interesting lighting lesson for a video game map. With this discovery, players will be able to start revisiting old maps to find other secrets that have been hidden in their favorite maps.

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