MW3 is bringing back fan-favourite ACR from MW2 (2009)



    Over Call of Duty’s long history, countless weapons have been available to use and customise in multiplayer. Most of them have been lost to the past and forgotten by the community, but a select few gained legendary status among players.

    One of the most iconic guns in the CoD franchise that was featured in MW2 (2009) was the deadly ACR assault rifle. With a smooth recoil pattern, impressive damage, and unbelievably satisfying weapon sounds, it was the ultimate threat back in the day.

    Well, following the MW3 Reveal Event, it’s been confirmed that ACR will be returning in Modern Warfare 3, and fans are excited.

    MW2 (2009) ACR is back in Modern Warfare 3


    As showcased by popular Call of Duty Twitter account ModernWarzone, the classic ACR has been spotted in the new clips of MW3. The fan-favourite AR is instantly recognisable through its incredibly clean iron sights that made laser-beaming enemies in MW2 (2009) an absolute breeze.

    As expected, CoD fans are over the moon that ACR is back, and just want Sledgehammer to ensure it’s exactly the same as it was back in the MW2 days. “If it sounds like it did in OG MW2 I’m gonna have a meltdown,” said one user, with another claiming, “Bro I’m a simple man, when I see an ACR I get hyped.

    We’re still waiting on a full MW3 weapon list, but knowing the ACR is part of the arsenal is incredible. The only concern some players have is that CoD will have renamed the gun in MW3, but we’ll have to wait and see.

    Why is the MW2 (2009) ACR so beloved by CoD fans?

    ACR MW2 (2009)

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    The ACR was a special weapon back in MW2 (2009) and quickly became one of the most popular ARs in the entire game.

    With a clean iron sight, satisfying audio, low recoil, and solid damage output, it performed well in almost any situation. This versatility meant that it became the go-to gun for a lot of players, alongside the powerful UMP45 with a silencer.

    Let’s hope the devs do the ACR justice in MW3 and return the weapon back to its former glory, or it’s likely fans are going to be very upset.



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