Motorola Edge (2022), Moto G 5G and more, to get Android 13 update



    According to the company’s support pages, a handful of Motorola devices are getting the Android 13 update.

    The support page doesn’t specify when these handsets receive the update, but it doesn’t show the device who gets it.

    With the introduction of the carriers’ list of Motorola devices and its company’s Canadian website, only a few Motorola devices can be updated. The Motorola Edge (2022), the Motorola Edge (2021), the Moto G 5G and the Moto G Stylus 5G are the only Canadian motorcycle devices that receive Android 13.

    The full list of phones includes:

    Motorola razr (2022) Motorola’s age 30 is ultra-high. motorola is 30 ml. Motorola edge+ (2022) Motorola made use of the 30-minute fusion processor. Motorola has a 30-point neo. Motorola has the edge of 30. Motorola’s a-finance (2022) Motorola edged 20 in pro. Motorola jumped 20 p.m. Motorola will be twenty-two. Motorola’s 20 lite edge is made up of a single-selectring smartphone. Moto G 2nd – 5stast (2022) Moto g 5G is a sports moto. Moto g82 5G, MTB. Moto g72 Moto g62 5G. Moto g52 Moto g42 Moto g32

    Source: Lenovo Forums via Android police.



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