Most toxic pokemon to deal with


    Pokemon trainers are some of the most creative gamers in the world. While some choose to think of fun and challenging strategies, others prefer to abuse some of the broken mechanics the game has to offer. Whether it’s setting up an unbeatable Pokémon or just sitting there while Toxic takes down the enemy, there are some strategies that players wish they would just…stop.

    The 10 most toxic Pokémon to fight against

    10. Incinerator

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    While not too threatening in singles, Incineroar is specifically a big problem in VGC Doubles. Applies Intimidate to both opponents, lowering their Attack stats. Incineroar can also Fake Out and Parting Shot, so it has great usage rates in VGC competitions.

    9. Perish Song Azumarill

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    Azumarill actually has a setup that can guarantee a Pokémon’s death. First, Azumarill uses Whirlpool to trap the opponent. Then, use Perish Song and hopefully survive the incoming attack. If that’s the case, then Azumarill uses Protect, survives another attack, and can then safely switch out on Perish Song’s third turn.

    8. Eternity

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    There are plenty of offensive Dragons in Pokemon, but what makes Eternatus different is its huge HP pool. This allows trainers to mix offense and defense so they can use powerful Dynamax cannons without ever dying. Add Recover and Toxic Spikes to the mix, and you create quite the threat.

    7. Magearna

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    This Pokemon always seems to be banned, brought back into the fold, and then banned again. Shift Gear can certainly turn Magearna into an offensive threat, but what really breaks it down is Magearna’s ability to overcome all of its checks. It has Aura Sphere for Heatran and Ferrothorn, Ice Beam for Landorus and Tangrowth, Thunderbolt for Toxapex, and the list goes on and on.

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    6. For Finch Jirachi

    Image via The Pokemon Company

    This Pokemon has caused more rage quits than poor Wi-Fi connections. With Serene Grace, Jirachi’s Iron Head has a 60% chance to knock the opponent back. That’s enough to be pretty annoying, but when added with Paralysis, Jirachi has a 30% chance for the opponent to not attack on top of that. Many opponents have to watch while repeatedly flinching until their Pokemon run out of health.

    5. Dondozo

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    Dondozo would be a phenomenal defensive Pokemon based on stats alone. Unfortunately, he also has the Unconscious ability, which causes him to ignore stat increases. Thanks to that ability, Dragon Dance Dragapult, Nasty Plot Hydreigon, Gholdengo, and even Calm Mind Iron Valiant won’t be able to break through Dondozo. Just go in, use Curse and Smash everything to death.

    4. Aegislash

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    This Pokémon was banned to Ubers in Generation VII. He was nerfed in Generation VIII, but he was still causing headaches. King’s Shield would not only remove the opponent’s Attack stat while shielding them from damage, but players discovered the Substitute-King’s Shield-Toxic combination, giving Aegislash invaluable slot slot.

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    3. Happiness

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    You don’t just hit KO Blissey. His great attack stat (and maximum defense EVs) ensure that he will live up to incredibly strong attacks, even super effective ones. While most Blisseys opt to spread status, Seismic Toss, and heal up, there are always those surprise Blisseys that use Counter to remove threats like Urshifu and Quaquaval.

    2. Cosmic Power Key

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    Nothing takes the fun out of Pokémon battles like Cosmic Power Clefable. Cosmic Power increases both Physical and Special Defense, making Clefable nearly impossible to KO in one hit. After a couple of boosts, even super effective moves won’t deal damage, and Clefable will back up health anyway. Once you get to +4 on both defenses, congratulations: you’re invincible. From there, he can simply Store Power or Moonblast his opponents to death.

    1. Speed ​​Killer Arceus

    Image via The Pokemon Company

    It’s hard to imagine a God-based Pokemon not being powerful, but this Arceus-specific set makes it much stronger than its celestial origin would suggest. The Killer Espeed set involves using Swords Dance and Extremespeed to sweep away the enemy. The problem is that with almost full HP EV and Recover, Arceus doesn’t die. Arceus can also use Shadow Claw to hit Ghosts like Giratina, making it nearly impossible to counter.

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