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    League of Legends is one of the greatest movies of all time, even in the games where the champions are not allowed to live. With more than 150 unique characters, you’ll likely find those that match your play style. But what were the most famous champions in professional play this year and why were they popular?

    In this article we’ll go over 10 champions in the 2022 League competitive season and eat them together.

    Most Played League of Legends Champions in season 12 of season 12.

    First, let’s make it to the conclusion that the data of the data was based on all the tournaments played during the 2022 competition season. In other words, tournaments during the pre-season (like KeSpa or Demacia cup), are not taken into consideration. The games website of Legends gives all the information that is needed.

    10. Two 1757 games.

    Zeri is listed number 10, a new addition to the league this season. Although she was not that popular during the first few days of the season, the buffs she received before the beginning of the summer got a symphony. She had the chance to beat the late-game team-fights – either the AP-Poke or the attack speed-based champion.

    9. Gwen (1797 games)

    Gwen is the next on our list and she has been one of the most consistent champions in the season. She achieved more than 800 games played at spring and summer. She was very nice flex pick (jungle, top, occasionally mid) and a great counter to a tank like Ornn and Sejuani. She also made team drafting for her champions.

    8. Xin Zhao (1831 games)

    Xin Zhao is the evergreen champion. Having done well and then made to the best of the season, Xin Zhao was the most devoted jungler in the spring (1392 games). His injuries, his own stats and ultimate nerfs made him out of the dungeon, but despite his survivability and the damage he provided at the game, he grew unabundled.

    7. Lee Sin (1969) was a successful actor.

    Lee Sin spoke of evergreen champions. That’s another one that’s been added to the list. Like Xin Zhao, he was very popular in Spring, before removing his palatability later in the year. He can fit almost any team composition, so he shines in the transition from early in the game. Whatever the material is, a great Lee Sin player can make the champion look overpowered.

    6. Hai Jali (1918)

    The balance team did an amazing job if the goal of Riots was to make Ahri a popular champion with the work done. She’s the highest-picked mid-skeptic in Season 12 and was a blind pick that would offer the greatest pick of the season.

    5. Gnar (2211) in games.

    Gnar slowly got popular before summer, while other top laners were hitting hit by the nerfs. He was a stronger player, since his early game wasn’t as punishable. Those reasons made him very blind. Gnar could keep up with most champions and re-take them later into the match.

    4. Viego (2446 games)

    Viego is the third evergreen champion this season and most recently the most coveted jungler. As well as his ability to collect other champions, he became a perfect carry that could bring about some level of tankiness. Even though he has a negative win rate in spring and summer (48%), Viego was a champion that almost all junglers played at certain points during the season.

    3. The hen-eye (2552 games) has taken place.

    Jinx was the undisputed best-adv in the first half of the season, with 1983 picks in spring. In a meta that based on front-to-backs and pick-to-fight comps, she was the one who could do well and have a strong early game wave clear for bot lane prio. It was only until summer that Jinx was pushed out of the meta until the meta shift.

    2. The Nautilus (2723 games) team

    Even though Nautilus hasn’t been considered a tough choice individually, it is the number one option when it comes to crowd control or the use of an easy tool. Not only did that, but it did stand well with champions like Jinx, so both of them were quickly selected in tandem.

    1. Adolf (2272) games.

    Aphelios, too, was one of the most successful of the list, explaining why they did both top-ranking and higher ranking athletes on this list. The Weapon of Faithful was the equivalent of Ahri’s bot lane role, with more than 1000 games being played in both sels (1676 in spring and 1066 in summer). His multi-form kit and carry potential all the longer the game lasted allowing him to play as a major player in a scaling, and become the most popular champion of 2022 season.

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