Most hated Warzone 2 weapon finally gets banned in Ranked


    While the majority of Warzone 2 fans are satisfied with the gameplay loop of standard matches, some players want to test their skills in a more competitive environment.

    That’s exactly where WZ2 Ranked comes into play, pitting members of the community against opponents of a similar level and allowing them to climb up the tiers.

    In order to keep Ranked balanced, the devs ban specific guns that are deemed OP or not suitable for the mode. Well, one of Warzone 2’s most hated weapons has finally been restricted in Ranked, and WZ2 fans are over the moon.

    RPG & Strela-P banned in Warzone 2 Ranked

    Taking to Twitter on August 21, Treyarch announced that two new weapons had been added to the Warzone 2 Ranked ban list.

    These are the RPG-7 and Strela-P rocket launchers, which have both garnered a reputation for being unbelievably frustrating to play against.

    Due to explosive damage being so high, these weapons easily one-shot a foe, and it often feels as if there is zero counterplay.

    As a result, it’s clear the devs don’t feel as if these launchers belong in Ranked, as they don’t take a lot of skill to use and are more of a cheese strategy for those looking for easy eliminations.

    Warzone 2 players celebrate RPG restriction in Ranked

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    As expected, this news has been met with overwhelming praise from fans, who were tired of being insta-killed by the RPG in Ranked.

    Calling out the decision as an “insane W” and celebrating the fact that Treyarch actually “listened,” it’s obvious a lot of competitors were sick of running into launchers while playing Ranked.

    We’ll have to see whether the removal of these weapons helps the competitive mode, but with cheaters still “running rampant,” according to fans, the devs may have to take further action against the hackers soon.


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